Monday, June 29, 2009

Passionate Love Stories

What are the ingredients necessary for a passionate love story? A tragic hero who carries the weight of the world on his shoulder? A heroine strong enough to bear the burden? Intelligence? Wit? Charm? What about the ability to meet the other on a level playing field? They can come from different worlds, different social strata -- even completely different cultures if they can cross bridges with one aspect of their relationship?

This week the Daily Dose is going to focus on passionate love stories in literature -- all forms from comics to chick lit to supernatural and paranormal romance to fine literature. So buckle up!

Batman and Wonder Woman - A Passionate Love Story Never Told?

I enjoy watching Justice League Unlimited on one of the cartoon networks. As a long time fan of the comic book genre and DC Comics in particularly I find the characters and characterizations on Justice League Unlimited to be very complimentary to my ideals of these characters. The flirtation between Bruce Wayne and Princess Diana was a subtle, well-played passionate love story done in animated form.

In this clip below, we see Diana teasing Bruce and Bruce being very blunt about why they cannot possibly have a relationship.

In this clip, the Justice Leaguers are kids -- Bruce is pretty emo (considering his tragic childhood, that makes sense) and Diana's pretty bossy. But she and Bruce are still making googly eyes at each other.

In this last clip, the person who put it together very lovingly showed several key moments in the Diana and Bruce flirtation. While the pairing was never a reality in the comic books and seems out there for fans of Christian Bale's Batman, the idea of it is not as out there as one might assume. In the hands of the right writer, the most disparate of individuals can participate in the most passionate of love stories.

Ultimately, for a passionate love story to work, you have to believe in your characters and their characterization. You have to love them and want it to work out for them against the odds. Animated characters or not, the flirtation of these two legends is definitely the greatest love story never told and my hats are off to the writers of this series and the animators who so deftly portrayed it.


  1. Great read with my coffee!
    Thanks, Heather :-)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun with this and I think will have a lot of fun with this topic all week. If you have a couple or love story that you are passionate about, feel free to share!