Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pure Romance

Pure romance is the key to a successful adventure. I love romance novels. I grew up reading my grandmother's harlequins from Penny Jordan to Nora Roberts and many, many more. Romance is important to every kind of storytelling because it's at the heart of who we are. Humans crave connections -- we want to be close to other people -- so whether we're fighting an empire a few hundred galaxies away, journeying through Stargates, riding magical horses that can speak or fighting dragons on the wring -- we can all relate to romance, to the hunger for love, human companionship, touch and passion.

Pure Romance

Not everything I write uses pure romance. In fact, I write a lot of stories that are more urban fantasy than paranormal romance. Remembering Ashby is a pure romance, it's a story about passion, love and the magic of two souls recognizing each other and being utterly unable to walk away from the power of the love and passion that ignites between them.

Writing pure romance is different from my urban fantasies, because while I know my characters aren't perfect, they still achieve a level of perfection in the eyes of their significant other. In Remembering Ashby, it's Adam absolutely worships the ground Melanie walks on. He can't imagine a more perfect woman, yet she is flawed. She adheres to her responsibilities, she is afraid of the passion between them.

I've told some people before that when I wrote the story originally, the love they felt for each other was not enough to save them from the world conspiring against them. It took a lot of thinking to allow them to win out over fate -- and I'm glad I did. Because everyone needs a taste of that pure romance.

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