Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 Books I Want to Write Before I Die

On Twitter the other day, the Top 10 Books to Read Before You Die. I'd read all the books on the list, not that I necessarily agreed with the list. So, being me, I started thinking not about the 10 books I should read before I die (cause I firmly believe he or she who dies with the most books wins), but what are the 10 books I want to write before I die.

All right, game on:

10. The Chance Monroe Adventures

Chance Monroe is the main character in my upcoming urban fantasy: Prime Evil. She's a hedge witch, deeply connected to the Earth. She's a few credits shy of a degree in Clinical Psychology. Her FBI connections, her connections to the special unit will continue to grow. So I'd like to write a few books in this series.

9. Monster High

This young adult series features three teens who seek admission to the mysterious Monster High. If they pass, they can choose the monster they will become on graduation.

8. Through the Glass Brightly

A dark fairy comes through a portal to our world and struggles to acclimate herself -- particularly to random acts of kindness.

7. Urban Wars: The Exodus

The urban wars are ending, Muslims, Hindus, Pagans and more are herded into relocation camps. They will be the first settlers to go out into the stars -- exiles from Earth.

6. Me, myself and the President

When Maggie Jensen finds her life threatened, she's swamped by secret service and personal protection. When her grandfather (a former President) passes away, a game of cat and mouse ensues at the state funeral where her father (a former President) and her uncle (a current President) will be in attendance.

5. Magick for Dummies

Three bumbling brothers discover they are heirs to the greatest magician who ever lived. But will they master their magic before it masters them?

4. Birthday Blues

In London, celebrating her birthday alone for the first time, a twin discovers dark passion and a secret world.

3. The Forgotten

On the Isle, magic is a way of life as is communicating with the goddess, as is pushing the limits of understanding. A young girl, borne of the Beltane, comes home to the Isle and discovers that her natural talents do not prepare her for the intrigue, plots and maneuvers of a dark sorcerer and his plans. Will her Blackborn lover come to save her?

2. Schmexy Bitches

Two authors hit the road in a 1967 Chevy Impala, looking for their muse. Their Thelma and Louise approach provides them with insights to their lives, their work and to the power of real friendship.

1. The Twitter Bible

Writing it to suit the twitter format: 140 characters or less.

What are the top ten books you want to write before you die?


  1. OOh, nice list! Made me think about what I want to write and I now realize I need to stop reading blogs and get to gettin'!

    Have read 7 of 10 but don't agree with the list. There are so many others out there I'd have suggested.

  2. I read your blog...I loved it. Very interesting. I especially liked number 7.

    1) Ravenwood: Storm's Destiny---this is book two of the Ravenwood series, where Storm, Night's (the hero from book one) twin sister is married,with child and on the hunt for a man that attacks and hurts women.

    2) Ravenwood: Meghans Journey---this is book three of the series. Meghan is the illegitimate daughter of Sir Jason Ravenwood, (Night and Storm's father)sent to live in England from troubled Scotland. Rumors were telling of a final try for the throne of Scotland by the young "Pretender". Meghan's mother made her leave Scotland in search of the father she never knew. Life altering events lead Meghan down the roads of discovery.

    3)Ravenwood: Jason Comes Home is the fourth book in the series. Jason goes by the name Jones though he is named for his father and grandfather. The death of his grandfather brings him home from America, long enough to clain the title that is his by birth and to discover his mother's true identity.

    4)Ravenwood: Mary's hope is the 5th and find novel in the series. It is a prequel to the others. Upon writing the first book, Ravenwood: Night's Salvation, I began to wonder how Night's brother, the one that died in order to make Night's story come to be, lived his life. So I decided to write a life for him as well, but I wanted it to be unique. It will be a time travel book.

    5) The Ravenwood Novelty Cook Book. This will have recipes for food, as well as health remedies and recipes for things such as soap and candles.

    6) The Talking Fence. A YA novel about a shy young girl, coming into her own, in a new town, a new school and not knowing a soul. She will be teased mercilessly and in the end will prove to everyone the Talking Fence is not a good thing.

    7) The Bride's Journey. (Cureently being written on for a contest, Go vote for me) Abigail Preston is a 26 year old unmarried woman in the 1830's. Having reached spinsterhood without an offer of marriage, she blames her plainess and slight plumpness for not being able to find a suitable husband.

    7) The Trucker's Woman. A Contemporary novel of a down and out woman who discovers that life doesn't always end after the divorce. She meets and falls in love with a truck driver, who unkonwingly saves her soul by loving her more than anything.

    8) I Got A Plan. This one is for my niece Skylar, and will be written for her age group. (6-7)This is all about her, and what I call Skylarism's. She cracks people up when her 6 year old brain shoots off something that is way too old for her to technically understand, yet she used it in the right context. Way to smart for her own good I think.

    9) Where Did Everyboday Go? This one is for my niece MacKenzie, who tends to be a bully and wonder's where all her friends go when she allows her bully to come out instead of playing nice. It will be age appropriate for 11-12 and have a moral lesson for the girls to learn from it.

    10) From Whence She Came. A time travel that has a woman coming home from burying her father, the last known family she had. She got a box full of Old West coins from her fathers lawyer. All the other property had to be sold to pay debts. This box alone had to be left alone, no one knew what was in it. It was to be opened by his heir only. Feelings lost and dejected, she boarded the Amtrak train in California to head home to New York, found her seat and opened the box for the first time. In it was a letter, and too many Old West coins to count. She reads the letter after closing the box and locking it once again. Crying herself to sleep, she is rudely awakened by someone poking her with a pistol. Upon waking, she gets disoriented as she realizes that she seems to no longer be on the Amtrak Train, instead she is on some rickety old train and the man that poked her is dressed in Old West clothing. Picking up her box, she follows the man with the gun and gets off the train. It doesn't take her long to realize that she is no longer in 2005.