Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekend Round Up - Romance Writing Tips

Saturday morning's romance writing tips. I offer these tips not only as a writer, but also as a reader. One cannot write in the romance genre without possessing a love for the material. Too many people think you can plug names into a formula and voila, pop out a fully formed manuscript featuring Heroine A with Hero B and they will live happily ever after.

Honestly, if it were that easy, everyone would do it and no one would buy it. So the question you have to ask yourself is what sets the great writers apart from the good writers? Prolific writers like Nora Roberts are obviously in a class all to themselves, but some of the best romance writing tips I have to offer came from reading Nora's incredible body of work.

Weekend Romance Writing Tips

The following romance writing tips are in no particular order, but I do subscribe to each and every one:
  • Kiss is the best way to go when writing romance. Not just soft kisses, romantic kisses or passionate kisses, but kiss as a writing style: keep it simple stupid. Don't make your characters so unlikeable that you're wondering what the heroine sees in the hero or vice versa. She can be hard as nails and he can be a total bastard except when he is with her or she is with him. Then you really have to see what the other sees in them.
  • Never sacrifice character development for plot. Characters are why people read romances. They want to see how the hero falls in love with the heroine, they want to feel what she feels the first time she sees him. Sure plots, schemes, murder mysteries and the rest are great, but write great characters and the rest will flow.
  • Don't pretend to be an expert about a subject you aren't familiar with. In other words, if you plan to write about firemen -- know enough to sound real. The worst thing in the world is to write about a topic and sound stupid or worse -- so ill-informed that your audience that does know is going to be turned off.
  • Romance should have a happy ending, but happy endings come in all shapes and sizes. Twenty or thirty years ago, that meant couples got married when they were 'happily ever after'd' today, that means they are together, but marriage isn't necessarily the fairy tale capper to the story.
  • Finally, if you aren't in love with the characters you are writing about? How do you expect anyone else to be?

Great Romantic Week at the Daily Dose

We had a great romantic week at the Daily Dose as we looked at Paperback Heroes and one reader said something really profound to me:

As a plus-size Queenly Womyn I have learned to love myself over the years...and I have a hero in my hubby who thinks I am a hottie and special, that is a plus. *pun intended*

He may not be a Roarke type but he is My Hero. He is the best of men.

Starra Rogue Faery

To all the ladies out there who found their romantic heroes in life and to those still looking: real love does happen, I know it does.

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