Friday, August 7, 2009

Tomorrow with Author Lisa Pietsch

The Daily Dose welcomes fellow author and dear friend Lisa Pietsch for a hot cup of introspective thoughts and a look at tomorrow. Lisa's novel The Path to Freedom is available now. Her continuing adventures with Sarah Stevens promise to delight fans for years to come.

I love tomorrow. It is today I have all the trouble with.

Tomorrow I’ll finish my second book and start on my third.

Tomorrow I’ll find somebody in Hollywood and make them fall in love with Sarah Stevens and The Path to Freedom.

Tomorrow I’ll get somebody at Cosmopolitan magazine so excited about my first book they’ll want to serialize it.

Tomorrow I’ll lose a few pounds.

Tomorrow I’ll take some time to stop and enjoy myself, or take a nap.

Tomorrow I’ll vacuum.

But today…

Today I have two little boys who need me to be here. They don’t go to school yet so I should spend more time with them.

I don’t know anyone in Hollywood and making those connections would consume too much time today.

Even if Cosmo decides to serialize my book, it will take months of tomorrows to make it happen. Today all I can do is wait.

Today I weigh more than I’d like but I gained this weight carrying a beautiful and healthy little boy. Today I’ll just be proud of the fact that I managed to pull that off at the age of 41!

Today, I think I’ll have a little more coffee and play trains with the boys.
There will be time for housework tomorrow.

Yesterday Lisa Pietsch was an Air Force cop and crisis negotiator. Today she is a wife, mother and novelist living in Denver. Tomorrow is a complete unknown but will likely involve a great deal of adventure. Visit Lisa online at:


  1. Cool post, Lisa. Tomorrow is always so inviting.

  2. I think my love affair with "tomorrow" has actually turned into next week! (haha)

    Love the post!