Monday, September 28, 2009

My Favorite Witches in TV, Film and Books

People always ask why I wanted to write about the paranormal, and even more specifically a witch in my first book Charmed & Dangerous. The honest answer is I love magic and I have always wanted to have magical powers. I made my witch, Bronwyn, everything that I wanted in a witch.

I've had a long-time fascination with witches, that probably began with Bewitched. I wanted to wiggle my nose and make things happen like Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery). I didn't really catch the show until it was in reruns, as I was a bit to young the first time around, but I loved the show. I'd watch it religiously every afternoon. But even back then I remember thinking Darrin (Dick York) was a bore, and that she should just kick his butt instead of trying to please him all the time. I never understood why he couldn't simply embrace her being a witch, so that everyone could be happier.

I can't remember the first time I saw Bell, Book and Candle with Kim Novak and James Stewart. I always wanted a shop like that, but again, I couldn't understand why she felt like she had to hide her magic. Or why she considered being normal just to please a man. Still, I loved the film. And that Jack Lemmon was such a charmer.

I'm so excited about the show Eastwick, which is loosely based on the novel and the original 1987 film with Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer. Such great fun these actors had in these roles. The women, while they started out a little weak, became empowered. The producer told me the first season of the TV show is all about empowerment. I hope so.

One of my all-time favorite films is Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. I love everything about the film from where it is set, to the characters and the writing. It’s one of those films I watch over and over again, so much that I wore the first DVD out and had to buy it again. That they threw in a little romance with all that magic, humor and drama, is what made it work for me.

My fellow witchy chicks on the Witchy Chicks Blog have written some of my favorite books with heroines who are witches. Oh, and I’ve always been a fan of Kim Harrison’s series, and Nora Roberts stories that include witches.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some favorites. Were you a fan of the TV show Charmed? Did you know some movies, TV or books I might want to check out? I'd like to hear about your favorite witches, and why you like them.

Candace "Candy" Havens is a best selling and award-winning author. Her novels include "Charmed & Dangerous", "Charmed &; Ready", "Charmed &; Deadly", "Like A Charm" and "The Demon King and I". She is known for writing strong female characters, who save the world, but aren't exactly perfect. She is a two-time RITA, Write Touch Reader and Holt Medallion finalist. She is also the winner of the Barbara Wilson award.

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  1. I think my favorite movie magically speaking is still Bedknobs and Broomsticks lol.

    My favorite witches.. hmm. I did like Charmed an awful lot.

    I love Bronwyn from your series. And I LOVE Kim Harrison's series as well.

  2. A new witchy made for tv movie is on the Hallmark channel called The Good Witch, with a sequel called The Good Witch's Garden. They star Catherine Bell from JAG and they are really good. Highly recommend. The next time it airs is Oct 26th and 27th, respectively.

  3. Hey, Candy! You, your books and Bronwyn rock!!

  4. I forgot about BedKnobs and Broomsticks! I love that movie!

    Addicted, I like those Catherine Bell movies too. :) Thanks for the dates.

    Nikki, :)

  5. Candace Havens: Thank you for your blog on witches.

    I've tried to come up with some memorable works concerning witches. However, the two that have had the greatest impact on me aren't fantasies. They're both stage plays that have been made into movie and TV adaptations: Arthur Miller's THE CRUCIBLE and Christopher Fry's THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING. Both revolve around someone getting accused of being a witch, in historical periods when a conviction on such charges meant execution. The second one is just as hilarious as the first one is tragic.

    As far as fantasy goes, probably my favorite story on this theme is a movie released way back in 1942, I MARRIED A WITCH. I've read it was based on a popular novel by Thorne Smith titled THE PASSIONATE WITCH, which I haven't read. Anyhow, the movie is a romantic comedy about a witch played by Veronica Lake. She is executed during the Salem witch hunt, then comes back to life in the 20th century. Her aim is to exploit heartlessly the descendants of her persecutors. And her main target is a hunk played by Fredric March . . . You can guess what happens. But it does so delightfully!

  6. Oh, wow. I forgot about I Married A Witch. Veronica Lake is so incredibly beautiful in that film and poor Frederic March. Thank you for that reminder. I haven't read The Lady's Not for Burning. I'll have to check that out.

  7. No offense to you, Candace. I think you're the cats meow, but my favorite witch may have to be Marion Zimmer Bradley's version of Kassandra in Firebrand.

  8. I loved Charmed. I watched it in syndication and was totally addicted! I also loved Practical Magic. Honestly I can't think of any good literary witches. Maybe Claire from Outlander though technically she is not a witch, just suspected of being one!

  9. Lisa, I've never heard of this. I will have to check it out.

    Hmmm, and Outlander. Cool.

  10. Oh my world, good trip down memory lane. Random factoid: I played the witch "Gil" (Kim Novak, hardly) in a terrible community theater production in Kansas. I have the grainy VHS to prove it.

    I'm reading The Demon King and I right now. Lots of steamy action! Thanks for the post...

  11. I love Bronwyn :-) Another favorite is Jane Madison, from the books by Mindy Klasky (Girl's Guide to Witchcraft is the first one in the series). Like your books, they are funny and heart-warming and lots of fun. Linda Wisdom's Hex books are great, too. On the darker side, I like Yasmine Galenorn (and as a real witch, she knows of what she speaks...). Kim Harrison is one of my favorites, too.

    I own Practical Magic :-) And I liked Charmed, although it wasn't my favorite. I liked Willow the witch in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (until she turned dark and started killing people, of course...that wasn't very nice). Rosemary Edghill wrote a series of three paranormal mysteries back in the 80's and 90's, I think, with a realistic Wiccan protagonist named Bast.

    Of course, as you know, I'm rather partial to witches... (tee hee).

    Deborah Blake