Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Snips and Clips: Contests, Witches, Anniversaries and More

Can it be Sunday already? This is my favorite blog of the week. It lets me catch up on a little bit of everything that doesn’t really fill a full blog on its own. This week’s snips and clips is also important because I will be out of town next Sunday, driving to Florida for our anniversary vacation at Disney World! So my week of guest bloggers will begin on that Sunday and run for the next week!

Guest Blogs, Interviews and Prizes Oh My!

What can you look forward to while I am away? We have a special guest to kick off our week on Sunday followed by the fun, charming Candace Havens on Monday September 28th. Candace shares some of her favorite television witches with you. On Tuesday, September 29th, help me celebrate Shannon K. Butcher’s latest release Love You to Death with a short interview.

Debra Kayn pays us a visit on the 30th and you just might win a free copy of her book Biker Babe in Black. Sabrina from Cheeky Reads helps me kick off October with her reflections on the magical storytelling of witches and more. D.D. Scott is our guest on Friday October 2nd with a look at her Muse Therapy. This is a must read for readers and writers alike. Nikki Duncan shares an excerpt of her Sounds to Die By as she explored romantic suspense and that’s another can’t be missed on October 3rd. Finally, October 4th will bookend with another special guest as I’ll be heading home and back with more fun on October 5th.

Eastwick Bound and Down

I really love this time of year as all my favorite shows return from summer hiatus and new shows make their first appearance. We’ve already seen the first couple episodes of The Vampire Diaries and I am definitely intrigued enough to keep watching. Supernatural continues to be powerfully, engaging. I’ll have to grab the anniversary week episode from iTunes because I don’t want to miss it. Bones was adorably, quirky as ever, but I have a feeling the do I love her or don’t I is going to drive me mad long before they resolve it.

Up this week on my DVR recording list: Castle, Heroes (not certain about this one, but I’ll give it one more chance), Eastwick, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Warehouse 13 (season finale, sad to see that go so soon), The Mentalist and Smallville, as well as all the other aforementioned shows above. I know I don’t have everything listed here because I just DVR way too much. It’s one way to keep me on the treadmill in the morning!

I mention Eastwick because it features Jamie Ray Newman who I loved on General Hospital (she played Alexis’ sister Kristina) and in all her appearances on genre shows like Stargate: Atlantis, Leverage, Supernatural and of course, most recently, on Eureka. Eastwick is based on the film The Witches of Eastwick (love, love, love that movie) which of course was based on a novel. So Eastwick is definitely on my check it out list!

Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol

I picked up my copy this week. I’ll be packing it for the trip. I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code as well as Angels and Demons before all the hype and ridiculous conspiracy theories and insanity that occurred about them. So I was happy to hear that Robert Langdon would be returning. The movies are okay, but that’s because I love Tom Hanks.

Hell Week

I picked up Rosemary Clement-Moore’s The Splendor Falls and the first book in her Hell Week trilogy Prom Dates from Hell. I started reading Prom Dates from Hell before I went to bed last night and just couldn’t put it down. I was laughing so hard that my daughter came in and wanted to know what was so funny. Now she wants to read the book. Thank you Rosemary, I definitely needed that laugh! Speaking of Rosemary Clement-Moore, she has graciously agreed to join us for the October Spotlight On feature!

Spotlight On in October

Speaking of October’s Spotlight On, we have authors Michele Bardsley, Dakota Cassidy, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Patricia Briggs and one more special guest for our Spotlight On fantasy authors. Our Spotlight On week is a great time to go in depth with our guests and I hope you have as much fun with it as I do.

Trick or Treat

Since October is such a great month, I will be creating a special Trick or Treat prize bag for the entire month that one lucky follower of this blog will win. To win the prize, you have to follow the blog and comment on the blogs with the phrase ‘trick or treat’ in it. Just keep an eye out for it.

Other Contests

We’ll be giving away other prizes throughout the month in individual blogs. Also, at the end of every month, I will draw a random commentator out of the hat and send a Daily Dose mug. September’s mug winner will be announced October 5 after I get back from Disney World. Sorry for the delay on that! Don’t forget to enter the Supernatural Back in Black contest in order to win the first season of Supernatural on DVD.

Okay, I think that’s all for now. How is your week going?


  1. Hi :)
    Congratulations on your Anniversary.
    Have a terrific time in Disneyworld.
    Love & Best Wishes to you & yours,

  2. Hey,

    Happy Anniversary!!! How many years has it been???
    I wish you many many more happy years to come!!!
    Disneyworld ROCKS!!! Are you staying at a Disney Resort??? You have to post pics when you get back!!!

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

  3. Thank you Anna and Rob! We enjoyed our 10th anniversary yesterday. We ate lunch at the Coral Reef restaurant inside the Living Seas with a turtle companion throughout the meal. It was fantastic. Our reception was hosted in their party room upstairs, so that added to the nostalgia!

  4. I'm loving Castle ("BEST case ever!") and have shifted to House from Heroes. Almost an anagram, so not too much of a change. Eastwick is looking good, too. Sad to see True Blood end for the season, but happy Dexter is back.

    I don't think I've visited your blog before (Dakota sent me), but I'll be back!

  5. I throughly enjoy watching Castle and hope this show stays on air.

  6. Ha! does this post count? I'm following your blog now. It's a very interesting blog.

  7. I'm enjoying your blog. I hope your trip to Disney World was a happy and fun one.
    I also love Supernatural.The Winchester boys and their papa are my daughter's favorite everything. :)
    Carol L.

  8. Congratulations!

    I love Disney! I was at both of them ...... years ago. I would love to go again.

    Dianne B.

  9. Nice blog!
    Happy Anniversary! I've never been to Disney World, lucky you.
    Supernatural is a great show isn't it?

  10. Congratulations! Thanks for the great October contests.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  11. Thanks for stopping everyone! We're only halfway through October and it's already a super fun month!

  12. Hi Heather - I'm over from Dakatoa's (yeah, such a Diva she needs only her first name) Accidental Fans. You've certainly got great guests lined up and I'm looking forward to reading what Tricks those Ho's, I mean folks, are up too.

    Okay - Castle ROCKS! I've been hooked since the first season and so far, this season is even better. I was in Barnes & Noble last night and saw the Rick Castle book! Cracked me up! So, other shows that I record: Fringe, Monk (me so sad it's last season), Psych (rocks - note, not the caps but still very funny), Leverage (it just doesn't last long enough), Burn Notice, In Plain Sight (why do these shows have to take breaks...dang it - they need to go to soap opera school and learn to suck it up and tape more shows...all of the above actors), The Office (this show cracks me up - one of the few that I've bought the dvd's), True Blood (even though it has taken a different view of Charlaine's books)...oh poop - their are even more shows but Psych just started ... you understand, I must watch and see if I can find the pineapple!

    So, Heather - congrats on you Blog - I'm enjoying it and hope you have/had a great time at Disney (I worked for them for five years and loved every minute of it - I try to make it to WDW every other year.)

    Gina in Springfield, IL where it is icing over! Can't believe it that Christmas is 10 weeks away!!! Hahahahaha - love telling people that.

  13. Happy annivesary

    I love CASTLE Hope it stays on the air.
    You will Love Disney. It is the gratest place to visit.
    Keep up the good work