Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harry Dresden Broke my CD Player

You know the adage; sometimes life is stranger than fiction? Well, I have a little story to share that continues to support this idea. Since early September, I have been working on a contract that takes me to downtown. The drive from my house to my contract is roughly 50 minutes without traffic and closer to an hour and fifteen and sometimes over 90 minutes in traffic. I pass the time with books on CD or books on my iPod. Both are effective entertainment and are helping me whittle down my TBR list (well not really, but I am enjoying some great books this way.)

So What Does Harry Dresden Have to Do With It?

The first week and a half, I listened to Storm Front on CD. It is read by James Marsters. I picked up this CD set years ago at a Shore Leave convention when it was first released and I even have Jim’s autograph on the front. I love listening to James as Harry almost as much as I love reading the books themselves. My daughter fell in love with the story enough to want to read Jim’s first book, which is a fun step up for us. Anyway, I finished Storm Front and promptly loaded up Fool Moon, which is book two also read by James. (By the way, if you've never listened to the audio versions, you're really missing out. James does an amazing array of voices and his Chicago accent is almost as delish as his Brit.)

Three lines in, there’s a pop, a fizz, a hiss and the CD player stops working. Now, if you are at all familiar with the Harry Dresden books, you’ll appreciate the irony. Harry and technology do not get along. According to the service department, my radio head is completely fried and I need a new unit in the dash entirely. They will have to completely disassemble the removed player in order to even retrieve the CD – if they can, because it looks like the CD player crunched it.


So now I am in mourning for my Fool Moon CD and my CD player. I blame Harry. I need to remember that my VW bug is a little too modern for his wizard sensibilities. Do you have a story that is stranger than fiction?


  1. I have read the first five books in the Dresden files but never listened to them on audio. I will have to correct that mistake soon I suppose.

  2. I absolutely love the Dresden audiobooks. I tried to read the books, but I just couldn't get into them. The audiobooks? I LOVE them. Love.

  3. Robin, James does wonderful with all the different voices doesn't he? Sometimes when I am reading the print versions, I can hear James' voice in the back of my head. Although I loved Paul Blackthorne in the short-lived series, I always wanted to see James doing it.

  4. I love the books and audio books and deeply miss the TV series. I would give anything for the show to come back. I know it won't but that doesn't change that I'd give anything for it to come back with new episodes.

    I do love how James Marsters reads these books. It's too bad he doesn't ahve an audio book for Thomas' Raith's novella, Backup.