Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 Fictional Characters I'd Like to Meet

I love subjective lists. Lists that let me delve into the worlds that I write or read – particularly those I read, although arguably, I could put down the worlds I watch too. But do I really want to meet the fictional characters in those shows or those books? I love the medical mystery drama House, but I think Greg House is a total ass and I’m not sure I’d want to meet him. I like Wilson, though and I think Wilson could be interesting to talk too – but would I have to go to the part of TVLand occupied by Princeton-Plainsboro? Or would they be here?


Fictional Characters I’d Like to Take to Lunch

Dr. Mira from J.D. Robb’s In Death series. Either the Dr. Mira that works with Eve as a clinical psychologist or her husband, the rumpled yet adorable professor. I think they would be fascinating lunch companions and totally worth talking too.

Ian Cabrera from Nikki Duncan’s Sounds to Die By. He’s got an interesting viewpoint on the world, he’s also got a smoking hot voice. I could imagine better things to do than lunch, but since he’s taken, lunch will have to do.

Sydney from my upcoming novel Prime Evil. Sydney is so over the top, fun and funny, not to mention the kind of in your face best friend an introvert needs. We’re not supposed to have favorites, but I adore Sydney!

Fictional Characters I’d Like to Date

Yes, I freely admit that I’m married, but this is my fantasy and I’m allowed to imagine anything I want. So the fictional characters I’d like to date include:

Dr. Daniel Jackson from Stargate: SG-1. Daniel’s brilliant, thoughtful, compassionate and capable of seeing all sides of the argument. He’s got a wealth of experience and insight, not to mention a great smile and fantastic build. Yes, I have a huge crush on this guy!

Marcus the Ranger from Babylon 5. Yes, I know the character died – I mourned his loss when it happened. But Marcus is another one, a driven man with a wicked sense of humor and a violent need for justice and order. I think, while he was alive at least, that he made terrific date potential.

Rick Castle, author of the Derek Storm and Nikki Heat novels. Tall, gorgeous, creative, jester and fantastic father? Yeah. I’m there.

Fictional Characters I Want to Work With

Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Brilliant, eccentric and just a touch dark. Giles is an excellent teacher and he’s got a wonderful work ethic, I would love to spend time working with and learning from him.

Hope Adams from Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld. I love the idea of getting paid to investigate crazy, out of this world news – not to mention the irony.

Eli from Stargate:Universe. No, I don’t want to be trapped on the far side of the universe, but Eli is like a lot of the guys I’ve known and worked with, he’s brilliant if you can nudge him out of his shell.

Fictional Character Bonus

Yep, I know that’s just nine but trying to hone this list down to ten, I found myself suggesting and discarding dozens of characters for various and sundry reasons. I have no specific criteria for this list beyond – I want to meet, know, date or work with them. So the last two characters share this spot because I think they are adorable and I’d love to get to know them better in any capacity:

Samuel and Bran from the Mercedes Thompson and Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs. There’s something really primal about guys who will do anything to protect you and that is their first instinct. Yes, yes indeed.

So what fictional characters make your list?


  1. I so agree about Daniel and Marcus. Want to date those two, too!

  2. 1. Frank Martin, aka The Transporter

    2. Xander Cage, aka Triple X

    3. Any of the men from Cindy Gerard's Bodyguards series

    4. All of the men, even the bad ones, from my Task Force 125 series.

  3. Awww. You're too sweet.

    And I love Daniel from SG-1 too. And Dr Mira and her hubby.

  4. As for my fictional character, Duke from GI Koe aka Channing Tatum.

  5. I forgot about Xander Cage, you're right Lisa, he would be great fun to hang out with. I love your guys in Task Force 125 too -- there are just so many. Heh, Nikki, I'll tell you what, I love me some Snake Eyes from GI Joe and Wolverine -- well really -- any Hugh Jackman character as long as they looked like Hugh Jackman.