Friday, November 6, 2009

NaNoWriMo: The Soundtrack

Music plays a vital part of what I do. Whether I am copywriting, writing fiction, cleaning house or even studying - I listen to music. Some music is more appropriate to some work – for example, I love a good hip beat to the music when I am cleaning the house. Although I have been known to bust out the classics with strong percussion.

When I’m driving, I can’t listen to the soundtrack from the movie The Rock, I tend to speed when listening to thrum of the music. By the same token, I can’t listen to moody jazz or mourning blues because it makes me sleepy. I go for that combo of show tunes, bubblegum rock and new age. Those keep me alert and on target.

When I’m copywriting, I try to avoid lyrical music going for instrumental pieces only. But when I am writing fiction, particularly a novel, I go for the music that’s going to capture the flavor of the story that I am writing. Pick your music with care; a jarring song can take me right out of the mood. Some of the albums I chose for The Forgotten include:

*Adiemus Live
*Songs of Sanctuary (Adiemus)
*Chant (Benedictine Monks)
*The Rock soundtrack (Various)
*Enya (Different Albums)
*Enigma (Different Albums)
*Clannad (Different Albums)

Ultimately, as you can see there is a very strong Celtic theme to the music which fits for the time period I am setting The Forgotten in. But currently, even when I am just relaxing, the moment I hear Adiemus, I am transported to the Isle of the God Touched and beyond to the Black Mountains and to the war that looms on the horizon.

What music are you listening to?

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