Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaNoWriMo:Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

I found this note in my email yesterday; one of my spam filters apparently crunched it:


I am a new writer and I am looking for inspiration and suggestions from published writers. I guess my biggest problem is that I have many good ideas for books and have started writing them but I get sidetracked and stop. My problem is to sit down, complete the project and get it submitted.

How do you get it completed, submitted and published within a reasonable amount of time?




Define the word reasonable. I apologize if that sounds facetious but what is reasonable for Nora Roberts is not necessarily reasonable for me. The problem is not that you have a lot of ideas, it’s the part where you get sidetracked and you’re not finishing them. The hardest part of writing – is the writing. Lisa summed it up earlier this week in her Shut Up and Write post. Sometimes, you have to stop looking at all the obstacles in your way and just write.

In my earliest fiction attempts, I would get distracted by the shiny promise of a new story, but you can’t just stop writing one to start on another – particularly if you never finish the first. It may be that you need to buckle down and develop some discipline tools. So let me turn this question around to you:

Do you write at the same time every day?

Are you a pantster or a plotter?

Are you a member of a writing group online or at home?

Do you have a critique partner?

Are you jumping from story to story because you get bored?

This last question is very important. Every ‘great idea’ that I have never finished has usually been because I exhausted storyline ideas in the first few pages and I grew bored with the characters. Thanks for the question and I hope that I helped. Check out my writer’s resource suggestions and other NaNoWriMo posts for more ideas.

Do you have an answer our visitor’s question?

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