Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Smack Down: Cornick vs. Danvers

Bantam Spectra hosts a smack down between characters as diverse as Captain Kirk (Star Trek) versus Captain Mal (Firefly) and more. So borrowing a leaf from his Twitter playbook, I want to have some fun over the next few weeks in a smack down of our own. I will post the contestants and my thoughts, you get to vote and post your own. Commentators are automatically entered in a drawing for a special prize. Also, don’t miss tomorrow’s Snips and Clips where the Daily Dose Holiday Giveaway will be announced!

Saturday Smackdown: Shape Shifters in the Ring

For our inaugural Saturday Smack Down we’re looking at shape shifters, specifically werewolves because there are many other types of shifters out there. First two contestants: Clayton Danvers (Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld) and Charles Cornick (Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series).

The Wolves in Question

Clayton Danvers is the beta of the North American pack. He is a vicious fighter with a feared reputation that he cultivated in order to protect Jeremy, his chosen alpha and father. Clayton is unique amongst the werewolves; he chose to be bitten as a very young child and lived in the swamps of Louisiana, a wild boy. Jeremy tamed him, brought him home and raised him. Clayton will kill anyone who challenges Jeremy.

Charles Cornick is the beta of the Marrok’s pack – which includes all werewolf packs in North America. His father is the alpha of alphas and Charles is his enforcer. Charles is over 200 years old and unique in that he is a born werewolf. His mother died giving birth to him because she used magic to hold off her change for the nine months it took to carry him to term. Charles is gifted with a second sight, an ability to hear the spirits and an unmatched tracking ability. He is also feared because he is a powerful fighter.

Wolves in Love

Clayton met Elena Danvers while she was in college. They dated, they fell in love and he brought her home to meet Jeremy. For Clayton, Elena was everything, the perfect mate. When he feared that Jeremy would send her away (it isn’t terribly usual for wolves to marry the mothers of their offspring, they usually just take their sons and raise them), he shifted and bit Elena – infecting her with the virus and earning banishment from Stone Haven, his home, while Jeremy tended to her. Elena’s transformation from human to werewolf was terrible, visceral and took her years to acclimate, too. It also made her unique because in the Pack werewolves are born, they are always boys and even bitten women do not survive the change that happens to them. However, Elena is stronger than most, Clayton created his mate.

Charles met Anna on a mission for his father in Chicago. Anna is the rarest of the rare, an Omega. She stands outside the pack with all the protective instincts of an alpha but with none of the aggression. Anna’s systematic abuse by her pack sends Charles’ protective instincts into overdrive. His inner wolf takes one look at her and chooses her for a mate. Anna’s adjustment to life with the Marrok’s pack requires healing emotional wounds and acclimating herself to her own abilities and to the passion she feels for Charles.

Wolf Pack
Clayton deals with mutts with Elena by his side. The pair shares twins, including a daughter named Kate who was born like a werewolf, just like her brother. Clayton’s position in the pack remains unchanged, even as Jeremy grooms Elena to be Alpha, a position the Pack confers on someone, not one they take.

Charles and Anna are learning how to be a couple, how to be in love and how to balance their need to protect and Charles’ work as his father’s enforcer with his need to shield and protect Anna. Although Anna can never have children (Briggs’ werewolf females typically can’t), she and Charles are very happy together. Charles will be forever his father’s second, unless Bran dies which would create a vicious power vacuum in the world Briggs has created.

Let the Smack Down Begin

Which wolf is the better wolf? Which wolf is the strongest wolf? Who could take whom in a fight? You decide who wins this smack down for you. Remember, every comment is automatically entered to win a novel by either Ms. Briggs or Ms. Armstrong – so let the best wolf win.

Winner announced next Saturday. Please be sure to note if you have a preference for a future smack down!


  1. Oh great idea! Let the fight begin!
    I'm definitely on Charles side. He's just unbelievable strong and now how to find after his long life as an enforcer. Sorry Clayton, you can't beat him!

    Idea for next week? Still thinking about that one! Will be back later!

  2. Idea: Vaughn D'Angelo from Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series vs. Curran from Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series. A real cat-fight!!!

  3. I have to disagree with SusiSunshine here, I'm rooting for Clayton! Clayton is strong, savage and would do anything to protect his pack and his family (which is quite the same for him)
    I love Charles but unless he cheated with magic in a combat he has no chance against Clay.

    That is all! lol

    I love this post =) Myabe next week you could have a "best trouble Magnet"...i would definitely root for Harry Dresden ;)

  4. @pattepoilue you wish hon! Bah!

    Got a second idea: perhaps a little baddie demon fight! They like to play dirty. What a fight that would be! My faves here are Japhrimel from Lilith Saintcrow's Dante Valentine series and Niol Lapen from Cynthia Edens Midnight Trilogy.

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  6. Oh it's on! You know, if it were Patricia Briggs' wolves versus Kelley Armstrong's I'd say P.Briggs triumphs because of pack magic and the description of their almost tiger-like upper bodies...

    ...but Clayton vs Charles. Oh crap. =grin= I can't call it. [taps chin with index finger] I've got to give it to Clayton. He's just so damn ruthless.

  7. Heh heh -- so that's two for Clayton and one for Charles. It seems Clayton's savage reputation is giving him an edge.

    Love the ideas -- keep them coming!

  8. I am going with Charles cause he's older, has magic, and is defintely smarter. Plus I think Clayton is a little bit insecure. Plus charles was born with his abilities.

    i would like to see shelly laurenston's sara from Pack Challenge up against any female shifter you could think of lol.

  9. I thought I posted but I don't see it coming through, so I am trying again. Sorry if this duplicates!!

    While I agree with Pamk above about Charles, I am going to have to say I think that Clayton would win. Clayton was ruthless enough to bite the woman he loved, risking her death. No way is Charles that viscious. He actually has a tender side. I think Clayton would win.


  10. Clayton's ruthlessness -- even his choice to bite his mate to keep her rather than lose her (even if it could have killed her) keeps the pendulum swinging back in his direction with 3 votes for Clayton and 2 for Charles.

  11. I am definitely in Clayton's corner here. He's really good at giving his mate what she needs. He's brutally viscious and protective yet accepts that she's not submissive to him.

    In my head, Sam is bigger but Clayton is scrappier - I think Clay would win.

  12. As we draw near the end of the first day of smackdown, Clayton leads 4 votes to Charles 2. Will Clayton prevail this week? Only you can vote and say!

  13. I have to go with Charles. He's not only strong, but intelligent, magical and sly. He can go claw to claw with the meanest of them. He even fight's his wolf to give Anna what she needs. Yeah, he's the winner, hands down!

  14. I have to go with Clay because he's savage, protective of his mate, children and pack, strong, bit his women to make sure he claimed her as his mate, determined and ruthless.

  15. Charles Cornick snatches the lead at 15 to Clayton Danvers' 9 with just 24 hours to go. (Votes include those posted at Fresh Fiction!)