Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Snips & Clips: Thanksgiving, Theater and Thirteen

Happy week of Thanksgiving all! We are now in the thick of the holidays here at home. In addition to NaNoWriMo, the release of a novel, my daughter’s birthday, the American celebration of Thanksgiving happens this week and I have a lot to be thankful for this year. So let’s get to it.


I am thankful for my health, the health of my daughter and my husband. I am thankful for James William McCall, my husband’s grandfather who lived on this Earth for 98 years and though he passed from us in April, we are all blessed to have shared his wisdom, his wit and his wry humor for so very long. I am thankful for Murray and Pagan, our puppies who loved us with the devotion only dogs can know though they too passed this year.

I am thankful for Dakota Cassidy, Candace Havens, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Sherilyn Kenyon, Diana Love, Nikki Duncan, Michele Bardsley, Lisa Pietsch, Kelly Ann Zuzulo, Tina Gerow, Darla Grant, Sara Reyes, Grace Ryan, Kendra Egert, Shirrin Dubbin, Debra Kayn, Kris Cook, Margie Lawson and the dozens of other writers and industry experts I have had a chance to meet, talk to, receive support and education from this year.

I am thankful for the Daily Dose, which has given me a creative outlet and for every reader who stops by to hear me chatter on about my various passions. I am thankful to Sapphire Blue Publishing for releasing Remembering Ashby in April and Prime Evil this November. I am thankful to the FASFA and Sallie Mae who helped me get the student loans I needed and for the Bachelor’s degree in Psychology that I finished this year.

Most of all, I am even thankful for Twitter who has expanded my circle of friends to encompass the world and so many of you around it. I wish I could name you all, but it would be such a long, long post. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of my world.


New Moon opened this week and there’s been lots of chatter about Team Edward, Team Jacob and even Team Jasper (hi Gwen!) My daughter and I will be checking that out today, so be sure to swing back by for my New Moon review tomorrow. I love the story of the shifters and Jacob in the Meyer books. So I am hoping the film does that portion of the story justice – it helps that Taylor Lautner buffed up (although admittedly, I still see Shark Boy when I see him!)


Thirteen moons in a year and soon the thirteenth will be upon us along with the end of the year, the holidays and a time of giving. The Daily Dose is hosting a series of giveaways this year – where you nominate who the gift goes to. You can write in to nominate someone without mentioning names (if you want to keep it a real secret!) But keep an eye here particularly on Friday, a day affectionately known here in the states as Black Friday when holiday shopping and sales begin. I’ll be offering three big giveaways, but they will only be open for 24 hours each. You will have to get your nominations in on time! Each day’s giveaway will be up by 5 a.m. Central Standard Time (if not sooner). I’ll notify winners via email in order to preserve the holiday secrecy and the spirit of giving.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I am always most thankful for FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS & FELINES : ) The four corners of my world. I appreciate the many kindnesses sent my way, whether large or small. I am also very thankful that we live in a Democratic society with freedom of speech. We can express our philosophical and creative ideas through many different avenues. We can sit at our computers and explore the world through the internet and contact our friends online. I have always been grateful for my beloved books and their wonderful authors, now more so than ever!

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Heather! Wow! What a wonderful thankful list. I too, am very thankful for the friends I have met this year. Invaluable, and you!

    Enjoy the holiday!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Family, both two-legged and four-legged, top my list of things to be thankful for! Enjoy!

  4. was on your short list!
    I think I'm going to cry.

    I am so grateful to have (and to have had) you in my life. You get me and there are precious few who do. I love that I can talk to you about everything from Aerobics to Zits and it is all good.

    I love you, you schmexy bitch!