Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crazy for The Vampire Diaries Damon

I may not be a vampire fan, but I am absolutely bongo for the CW series The Vampire Diaries. When I first heard that they were turning LJ Smith's novels into a television series, I admit to skepticism. Beyond the doubt associated with doing the story (one I'd read nearly 20 years ago) justice, I was resistant to the idea of yet another vampire show.

But I wanted to give the show a chance so I tuned into the pilot. I liked it enough to tune in the next week and the week after that and the week after that. It wasn't long before I watched the episode first for the sheer joy of watching and then at least two more times after to analyze the character portrayals.

Crazy for Damon

I love all the characters from Stefan and Elena to Bonnie and Caroline and even Tyler Lockwood and Jeremy. I am enjoying the conspiracy of the town elders (may poor Zach rest in peace), but I have to confess -- I love Damon the most of all. The complicated, crazy vampire is blunt, cutting and multi-faceted. He is not a cookie cutter and despite arriving the wicked bad guy, he is becoming so much more.

Damon was my favorite from the book series and Ian Somerholder has more than made him my favorite in this series. Check out the eye candy on the upper right, I picked up this poster for myself at Christmas time. Thursdays are definitely the place to be with the Salvatore brothers leading off the evening and the Winchesters coming up aces in the next hour.

Check out this clip from Thursday's "Unpleasantville."


  1. We've talked about this at length already but I have to say it again: I love Damon. He's smart, not afraid to be bad and loves living (which is odd for the undead but he really does LIVE).

    Then there are the minor attractions like the fact that Ian Somerholder is SMOKIN HOT and Damon's car makes me want to sell my soul for a drive.

  2. Yeah I felt the same way about another vampire show coming on and I was surprised at how popular this one quickly became.

  3. Lisa, I agree -- he's not afraid of being bad or for living outside of human mores. He also wears a good portion of that attitude as a shield.

    Tweety, I know I've felt that vamnpires are wildly overdone and I wasn't sure what to expect from this show, but I have to say -- that I enjoy it immensely and find it captures much the magic that drew me into those books so long ago.

  4. I'm totally in love with Damon too. lol. So evil but so naughty.