Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome Book Lovers, Inc

Welcome Book Lovers, Inc to the blogosphere! The international team behind this charming collaboration offers a fresh and invigorating look to books, the people who write them and the people who read them. Today is launch day for our new arrival on the block, so be sure to drop by and give them a warm welcome! I'll be heading over with a guest blog about what I love about books on the 21st!

In the meanwhile, I was wondering: what do you love about books?

1 comment:

  1. I love how unlike a movie, you can tell what they are thinking, and feeling. You can invision them, you can see the way they act. I can see their facial expressions and feel the pull of love, life and DRAMA. I love that there is almost always a happy ever after, or at least a cliff hanger to let you draw your own conclusions. Books make me feel better when my world crushes down on me, when I was a child it was the thing that made me happy, the thing allowed me to live inside someone else for a little while. Why do I love books? Because I can go to Atlantis or Montana, I can deal with monsters, gods, or regular people. It is always my escape hatch!