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Heart-to-Heart: Ellen Margret

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the heart this month than with fabulous tales from fabulous authors all written for a fabulous cause. All month long, ARe will be releasing a novella a day from some great writers featuring romantic tales and a forward by author Charlaine Harris. The proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association. In honor of this tremendous effort, the Daily Dose will be featuring a Heart-to-Heart with several of these authors, learning more about each one as we support this noble effort. What is great about this is you don't have to wait for release day to order the stories that captivate your heart, because ARe also offers a pre-order function!

Ellen Margret and Tor Viking Master

Please welcome Tor: Viking Master author Ellen Margret. Her novella is coming out on February 13th and is part of the All Romance ebooks 28 Days of Heart. The American Heart Association will benefit from this, and this pleases Margret enormously as she lost her Grandfather, Uncle and Aunt to heart disease.

Describe a moment that really tugged at your heart.

This would have to be the birth of my first daughter, Kate. She was born twenty-seven years ago on Christmas Day. The mayor came to give her presents and the Salvation Army Band played in the corridor of the hospital. I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure about the babies!

When I was courting (gosh that is such an old-fashioned term) back in 1978 (err, I think), my boyfriend was at University. I decided to jump into my Morris Minor 1000, drive to his University and hope to spot him. How daft was that? I'm speaking of a big British University with thousands of students on a sprawling campus! I went with a friend who told me I was mad, and that I should have phoned him first. But, hey, we didn't have mobiles (or you call them cell phones) in those days, and I couldn't find a carrier pigeon. So, this is what happened. I drove into
the campus and, guess what? There he was straight ahead of me. You should have seen his face! He grinned, gasped, and then jumped onto the roof of my car! He He

If could live in any century previous to the 20th, what century would it be and why?

Even though I might come down with the Black Death, beriberi, rickets, dysentery, smallpox or any other form of pestilence, it would have to be the Mediaeval period. My passion, apart from writing, is to visit castles. I love them. I touch the stonework and imagine what life used
to be like. I even bear a passing resemblance to Eleanor of Castile! Jousting and knights

Yep, that's for me!

Share a little about why you chose to participate in 28 Days of the Heart.

I lost three family members to heart disease. As I write this, on 28th January, I am thinking about my Aunty Bet. She died on this day, thirteen years ago, with a damaged heart. She was my best friend. Enough said.

Are your characters inspired by real people or events?

Generally not. I like to make them up, but that said, we are only a product of our experiences. From the minute, we're born, we learn and we meet people. They influence us in ways we probably don't even think of.

Reading romance reduces stress and can help relax you from your worries. Do you feel that writing romance helps you cope with your own worries and stress?

Oh, absolutely. I'd go crazy if I couldn't write. It's my way of escaping from the stresses of life. I can lose myself in my writing, and it's wonderful. I can become the heroine to the Highwayman, the Knight, the Pirate - You get the idea. Pure escapism.

Have you become more or less romantic since you began your writing journey?

Heaps more romantic. Just ask my wonderful husband.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Tor Viking Master

Sometimes love is sweeter than revenge…

When Tor comes upon the Saxon woman who killed his brother, he takes her as his slave to make her pay for her crime. Maida is innocent of the murder Tor accuses her of, but until she can convince him of the truth, she must endure his torment. When the Viking jarl finally realizes his mistake, he also knows he’s fallen deeply in love with Maida. But if he frees her, how can he keep her?'

Ellen Margret loves writing Viking Romances. If you like 'Tor: Viking Master' then you would probably like Jarvia (published by Midnight Showcase Fiction) and Skaarnakke (published by Dark Castle Lords).

Margret has written historical romance, fantasy, science fiction. She loves writing about angels and often manages to sneak one into her books. Peek at her website to learn more.

Be sure to visit the Daily Dose every day this month as we celebrate the heart with more great interviews and books for the heart! Tomorrow we welcome Mari Carr!

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