Friday, February 5, 2010

Heart-to-Heart: Mari Carr

All month long, ARe will be releasing a novella a day from some great writers featuring romantic tales and a forward by author Charlaine Harris. The proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association. In honor of this tremendous effort, the Daily Dose is featuring a Heart-to-Heart with several of these authors, learning more about each one as we support this noble effort. What is great about this is you don't have to wait for release day to order the stories that captivate your heart, because ARe also offers a pre-order function! Today, we welcome Mari Carr!

Mari Carr and Mad About Meg

Writing a book was number one on Mari Carr’s bucket list and on her thirty-fourth birthday, she set out to see that goal achieved. Now her computer is jammed full of stories — novels, novellas, short stories and dead-ends and many of her books have been published. Mari found time for writing by squeezing it into the hours between 3 a.m. and daybreak when her family is asleep and the house is quiet.

What is the most romantic thing that you've ever done?
Everything I’ve learned about romance has been due to the fact I’ve watched a truly great one up close and personal for my entire life. My parents have a genuine, beautiful marriage. For their fortieth wedding anniversary, I created a slide show with pictures of all their years together and set it to Alan Jackson’s song, Remember When. They both cried and they’ve watched it many, many times since.

What type of movies make you cry? When was the last time you cried in a movie?
Oh gosh! Everything makes me cry. I’m far too sentimental! My favorite ‘sad’ movies are typically not romance stories, but more along the lines of friend stories. Steel Magnolias, Forrest Gump, and Beaches all still have the power to provoke tears!

If could live in any century previous to the 20th, what century would it be and why?
My introduction to romance was actual in the historical genre. I discovered Stephanie Lauren’s Cynster novels. After that first book, I was bitten by the bug of regency romances and I feel confident in saying I’ve read literally hundreds of books from that time period. I’m fascinated by the early 19th century in England. There’s just something so romantic about dashing dukes and earls and balls.

Share a little about why you chose to participate in 28 Days of the Heart.
I saw the call for submissions and my immediate thought was FINALLY. I don’t consider myself to have many talents and because I have a full-time day job and two very active teenagers at home, my time is also limited. I desperately wanted to be able to contribute something to very worthy cause. I lost both my grandfathers to heart attacks, as well as a close friend of the family. To think one of my stories could possibly help this cause is humbling.

What do you enjoy reading? Can you name your five favorite authors?
Romance, romance and oh yeah, romance. It’s safe to say I read what I write! I would even go a bit farther and say the spicier the romance, the better. I have lots of favorite authors, so limiting it to five is tough. I adore Diana Gabaldon, Janet Evanovich, and Jayne Rylon’s romances. I also have to admit to being a huge Harry Potter and Twilight fan, so JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer would round out my five.

Reading romance reduces stress and can help relax you from your worries. Do you feel that writing romance helps you cope with your own worries and stress?
I actually started writing romance when stress from work took over my life. I went through a period of insomnia and to pass the wee hours of morning, I started writing down my stories. I found the more I wrote, the less stress I tended to feel. Writing is my ultimate escape.

Mad About Meg

If it weren't for bad luck, Meg Williams wouldn't have any luck at all. As if traveling to a tropical island on Valentine's weekend in a nasty storm isn't bad enough, she's doing it alone after finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Enduring the trip from hell, she arrives on Eden Isle only to discover that her hotel reservation has been lost and there are no vacancies anywhere on the island. Disheartened, Meg heads for the hotel bar.

Rob Madison is used to being in the limelight due his wealth and power. Used to being pursued by women for his fortune. When he meets Meg in the bar and realizes she doesn't know who he is, he decides to spend the evening as a regular guy. Discovering she doesn’t have a place to stay, he offers to share his penthouse with her.

As the night progresses and their mutual attraction becomes apparent, Meg wonders if her luck has turned, while Rob wonders if one weekend in each other's arms will be enough…

Mad About Meg releases at ARe on February 16.

Mari Carr's books have been published at Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, and Liquid Silver. To learn more about her backlist, please visit her website or join her Yahoo! Group to join in the fun with other readers as well as Mari Carr!

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  1. Very nice interview and Mari is a very good writer and I have enjoyed her books for some time!

  2. Great Interview, Mari Rocks in my book! I can't wait to read and this is a wonderful cause!