Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Smackdown: Human Target versus Burned Spy

Good morning and welcome to Saturday! It's been a couple of weeks since our last smackdown (we celebrated Valentine's Day last weekend), so I have a copy of Nikki Duncan's Sounds to Die By to give away (winner announced at the bottom) and a new prize for this week: a $10 gift card to iTunes. To enter, just comment on our smackdown with your personal pick! Comment! Comment! Comment! Winner to be announced next week!

Human Target versus Burned Spy

On the USA Network's Burn Notice, Michael Westen is a former covert operative who finds out he's been burned while on a mission in Nigeria. Michael ends up back in Florida, flagged on every list known to man. He has no assets and a personal mission to discover who burned him and why. In the meanwhile, Michael helps underdogs who are being persecuted by gangs, drug runners, corporations and more.

On Fox's new series The Human Target Christopher Chance takes on impossible missions to protect people from threats known and unknown. He is a highly trained operative, with advanced combat skills and a serious lack of fear in facing down guns, bombs, speeding trains and inaccessible buildings.

Working with their Teams

On Burn Notice Michael works with his on-again, off-again lover, the trigger-happy Fiona and ex-army intelligence officer Sam. Sam also happens to be working for the FBI and keeping an 'eye' on Michael. The threesome makes a formidable team.

Christopher Chance is The Human Target but he receives technical support and backup from his partner Winston. Guerrero, who brings a special set of skills and talents of his own to the table, often joins the pair. Due to Chance's specialized work, Guerrero and Winston have to act as his lifeline and backup, particularly when Chance's primary concern is keeping the client alive and identifying the threat to the client.

Special Ops

While Michael Westen's special ops training is made clear from the beginning, Christopher Chance's origins are a great deal more secretive. Chance is highly skilled and trained. He has experience in many different, wildly impossible situations. He has also gone to great lengths to scrub his own history. His fingerprints turn up as a John Doe in the system. In a recent episode, however, it was revealed that someone flagged his image and bounced it off several satellites – a technique Chance learned from the man who trained him.


The man who trained Chance and the elements that burned Michael are definitely the big bads in these men's lives. The people they help come with their own baggage and enemies, but both Chance and Michael are more than capable of dealing with the riff-raff that comes their way. Michael has faced more imminent threats, including several assassination attempts.

Both men are terrifically resourceful and formidable in their own rights. If it were to come to a smackdown, one on one between them, it could go either way in my opinion. We have had several seasons to support Michael and be on his side and only a handful of episodes with Chance (though I am rooting for a lot more).

The Human Target airs on the FOX Network, Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern. Burn Notice airs on the USA Network, Thursday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern. If you haven't seen either show, I would encourage you to check them out. Both are available on iTunes for download and early seasons of Burn Notice are also available on DVD.

Speaking of availability, if you haven't checked out Candy Haven's Take Me If You Dare, you should pick up your copy soon. We're also giving away an autographed copy to one lucky commentator if you check out Candy's Spotlight On from earlier this month.

Sounds to Die By Winner

Two weeks ago, I challenged you to choose sexy brothers in a smackdown and offered up a copy of Nikki Duncan's delightful Sounds to Die By as a prize. Our winner is PamK! Pam please drop me a message with your email address where you would like to receive your eBook! Congratulations!

Choose This Week's Smackdown Winner

This week's smackdown is officially open. You choose who wins: is it Christopher Chance or Michael Westen? The prize for one lucky commentator is a $10 gift card to iTunes. To enter, just comment on our smackdown with your personal pick! Comment! Comment! Comment! Winner to be announced next week!

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  1. It's Michael Westen for the win! He's wry and formidable and, most importantly, he's good to his mother. (I love Sharon Gless...formerly of Cagney & the role of Mom.)
    Burn Notice! --that's my vote.

  2. I am going with Mike Weston too. He has help and Fi definitely love to blow stuff up.

  3. I'm late to the party. I was editing when this blog went up and I'm just now coming up for air. It should be no surprise for Heather of K.F. that I get lady wood for both these guys.

    When I finally saw Mark Valley in an episode of Human Target with his shirt off I was hard pressed to delete the program from my DVR after watching it.

    I love Mike, Sam and Fiona. They're a great team. (God knows I'm crazy about Chuck Finley.)

    I also love Chance, Guerrero and Winston.

    Each team creates its own magic and always leaves me wanting more but if it is go time and the boys are one on one I have to say Christopher Chance is the man I'd pick to win.

    Mike's tough but yogurt will only take you so far. I think Chance has the stamina to stay in there until the job is done. (You may or may not assume a double entendre there.)

    *note* If it was a team smackdown then I'd say the Burn Notice team would kick ass.