Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Snips & Clips: The End of February as We Know It

Can you believe that February is over? It feels like the new year just started and here we are trudging into March! Not to mention this has been the winter where it snowed and snowed and snowed – it even snowed here in Texas three times, once with enough that they shut schools down. While Northern and Midwest states may be used to that, in Texas – not so much.

March is going to be a busy month here at the Daily Dose, I have a manuscript to finish writing and a host of YA authors coming to play for Spring Break! So be sure to check back regularly as the Daily Dose does Spring Break Young Adult style.

Young Adult Giveaway

Speaking of Young Adult, on Valentine's Day, the Daily Dose was proud to feature the article Young Adult Authors Say Many Lessons Learned From Love and Literature. If you missed out on this, I urge you to check out the fabulous authors of the Class of 2k10 and the wonderful books that are coming out this year.

Shannon Delany sweetened the article with a fantastic giveaway including a 13 TO LIFE pin (shiny!), some tasty chocolate and a copy of Rachel Hawthorne's trade paperback MOONLIGHT. That winner was chosen today from a random drawing of the commentators and the lucky winner is Dani! Look out for an email from Shannon or myself, Dani! And congratulations.

Saturday Smackdown Winner
Despite my best intentions yesterday, the Saturday Smackdown didn't happen. I spent most of the day with many wonderful authors at an author/tea event in Hurst, Texas. It was quite fun to sit there and visit with readers and introduce them to Prime Evil, Remembering Ashby and more. Hanging out with Nikki Duncan and Shayla Black was just a bonus! In the meanwhile, for those of you waiting to see who won last week's Saturday Smackdown, we have: K.F. Zuzulo for the iTunes gift card! Way to go Kellyann! And with just a few votes (seriously, I thought Michael Westen and Christopher Chance would have a few more votes), the win goes to burned spy Michael Westen!

Legend of the Seeker

The second season of the Legend of the Seeker continues to entertain with a series of episodes surrounding our heroes desperate attempt to stay together and find a way to defeat the Keeper. The most interesting, of course, was Richard's journey to the old world where he was to train as a wizard. If he remained with the Sisters of Light, he would have been locked away for decades and beyond wanting to complete his mission, Richard could not bear to abandon Kahlan for that long. Either way, I am still loving this wonderful show.

The Doomsday Brethren
I picked up the first book in this series by Shayla Black. If you haven't checked out the The Doomsday Brethren, I would highly recommend Tempt Me with Darkness to get you started. I am about halfway through this book and it's great fun to read!

March Winds
Okay, I know we're just short and sweet today, but hang in there, March is coming in with a lion tomorrow! Have a great day!

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