Friday, April 16, 2010

Finding Time to Read

One of the driving forces behind my original desire to write was my love for reading. I have always had an endless appetite for the written word. As a child, I read Harlequins with my grandmother. As I grew older, so my reading habits evolved to new genres and authors. Among some of my favorite books as a child was Trixie Belden, Tom Swift eventually following authors like Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Ann Rice and so many more that I may have forgotten by now.

Reading Helps Me Thrive

Reading is vital to my sanity. In January, I dropped by the Book Lovers blog to share what books mean to me. Reading relaxes me, inspires me and occasionally, it simply gives me the desire to persevere – because I want to read the next book.

As a writer, one of the hardest things I grapple with is the reduced amount of time to read while I write. Now sometimes, that is okay because a story can consume as I mentioned yesterday that my current work in progress has done. I spend hours and I mean hours writing, thinking, living and breathing the story.

I lay down to sleep and I never quite feel like I go to sleep, so much as my mind swirls with the endless possibilities presented by the story's conundrums and how I will solve it. An idea will occur and I will wake up, realizing that I was asleep and between battling groggy fatigue and doggy obstacles between my office, and me I will hurriedly make notes on what I came up with so I can interweave that into the work the next day.

Obsessive Much?

I could make the argument that when the "muse" consumes me, as it was, that I become more than a tad obsessive. I write on envelopes, napkins and even the back of other papers, wherever I can put word to paper if I am away from my computer. Hot on the heels of these creative power surges is usually mental exhaustion. I know it's coming, but that's okay, I have over 60,000 words to show for this particular obsession and it will be longer before I am done.

I am totally immersed in this world, it's as if I can see them on a high-definition screen, playing their parts and filling in all the questions I have. But none of this creating, obsessing and writing leaves me much time for the passion that started it all – reading.

I have a stack of fifteen to twenty books waiting for me after this bout – I can hardly wait to dive in, like a little kid jumping into the pile of freshly raked leaves and flail through the wonderful creations that await me. In the meanwhile, like a gardener watching over the seedlings, I can only speculate about the possibilities while I work on my own.

What are you reading right now?


  1. I am currently reading; Texas Roads by Cathy Bryant.

  2. I'm currently reading: ARC of The Wish List by Gaby Stevens so far its a really good book :D

    Its interesting that your writing came out of your love of reading because i really love to read and recently tried writing something.