Saturday, May 1, 2010

10 Reasons Blood Brothers Didn't Favor Stefan

The Vampire Diaries: The Complete First SeasonYes, I am a fan of The Vampire Diaries; it's one of the first shows in a long time where I am actually eagerly awaiting the next episode.  So far, despite some risky decisions on whom they kill off (seriously, Lexi? Bree? Pearl?) and who they keep.  The show continues to haunt my Thursday nights.  So it's a sad moment that the most recent episode left me scowling at my screen and not because the episode ended and not because I would have to wait a week, but because Stefan will now forever be known to me as Whining Turtle.

Stefan Salvatore never wanted to be a vampire. Despite sleeping with one and letting one feed off him regularly (and with the knowledge that she was doing his brother – can you say eww?) – he is the victim of Katherine's compelling powers.  She force-fed him her blood for weeks.   Okay, find.  Nevertheless, it wasn't Katherine who forced him to try to break her free. He didn't want her taken.  Like a happy little pleasure addict, he wanted his piece of tail unharmed.

He teamed up with Damon in the most transparent attempt to get Katherine out of the locked cage (speaking of which, were they just tossing them in there like kindling?) by leading off the mob and leaving just one or two behind.   They get Katherine out, get her free and then boom – Damon is shot, then Stefan is shot.  The mob comes back and carries her off, leaving Stefan to gaze after her in pained realization that he is dying.

Queue the next day when he wakes up, in the sun, wearing a ring.  His WTF moment is quickly summed up by a calm Emily, who tells him he is transitioning.  The ring he wears is one Katherine commissioned for him weeks ago. When he insisted he never drank from her, Emily clued in the doe-eyed boy to the truth – Katherine did as Katherine pleased with him. 

So what does Stefan do? He goes to talk to Damon, who is disconsolate.  Damon wanted the change. Damon wanted to be with Katherine. Instead, he got shot in the back, woke up in the woods and all he got for his trouble was a trinket and his whiney younger brother – it's interesting how broody and fresh Damon was then – but anyway, back to my ten reasons here that Stefan's character sucked wind in this episode.

10.    Stefan drinking human blood is a lot like an alcoholic hitting the sauce, he is suddenly guiltless of his actions.

9.  It's only when he comes face to face with Elena, wild with his lust for blood and has to be dropped by a Witch (seriously sweet moment for Bonnie there) that he runs away.

8.  He's desperate for Elena to be away from him, but instead of just leaving himself, he throws himself at her – luckily, Elena is armed with vervain.

7.  Broody boy wakes up in the basement, but refuses to talk or drink.

6.  Brooding goes to a whole new level as he just sits there and sulks about his past choices. 

5.  Stefan was always a Daddy's boy, that's obvious from his faith in his father, right up to the moment he discovers it was Daddy Dearest who shot Stefan and Damon both.

4. Stefan doesn't think through his actions and choices.  He revealed his feelings about Katherine to his father, he kept his secrets from Elena and despite everything that's come out, I would bet there's even more to the story than we know.

3. After everything he went through, he actually asks Damon if he feels guilty? Damon's right, guilt or not, it's Damon's to own at this point.

2.  Stefan was going to walk into the sun and burn to a crisp.   But it was the same choice he had a 150 years before – and this time he would have been leaving Elena with Stefan (boy really doesn't think things through)

1.  So he's human blood free, he's got his ring back and the girl forgives him – that's good for Stefan right? Because I don't believe this experience really cost him a lot personally and even worse, I don't think it's changed him one iota.

Maybe I am being too hard on Stefan.  Maybe not.  But after this episode, I actually believed Stefan was a 17 year old boy – emphasis on the boy – for the last 150 years. As reckless as Damon is, his impulses are a little more controlled and he actually does clean up his own messes.   So what did you think?

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  1. I've always been a fan of Damon (Show and books) Show Stefan seems to be more whiny and moody all the time, whereas Book Stefan has his really whiny moody moments, but for the most part is just the quiet type.

    I must admit though, Book Damon is slightly less mature than Show Damon. Book Damon is way more of a sociopath and his goodness is way deep inside...way WAY deep inside. But Book Damon does certain things because he's a whiny baby that doesn't get his way. LOL.

    It's almost as if they sorta switched roles. :P