Monday, May 3, 2010

5 Reasons Silver Borne Rocks

Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson, Book 5)Not that Patricia Briggs fans will need this ringing endorsement, but her latest Mercedes Thompson novel: Silver Borne, delivers on the drama, the angst, the adventure and the mercurial relationship between Mercy and Adam's pack. It seems hard to believe that this is the fifth book in such a terrific series, it seems like just yesterday we were hooking up with Mercy as she rescued Adam and carried him to Montana and the Marrok's pack for help. She returned with Samuel, the werewolf she once fancied herself in love with.

For a time, Samuel led Mercy to believe he was still courting her even after Adam had declared Mercy his mate to the pack. For three books, we watched and learned as Mercy did that Sam wasn't in love with her and that Adam's fancy was quite real, finally allowing the couple to begin moving in that direction after the third and sealing the deal in the fourth novel Bone Crossed.

Mercy's journey has certainly not been an easy one. She is a coyote raised among werewolves and while she gets werewolf politics, she doesn't like to play them. Her relationship with Adam is refreshing, because he respects her as much as he wants to protect her - which can lead to some seriously tense times, but for any in doubt, Silver Borne definitely sells why these two are definitely a well made match.

The following reasons may contain some spoilers, so be wary! I will do my best to keep them to a bare minimum.

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson)

5. We learn a lot more about Sam and Samuel in Silver Borne. I have a tender sport for Dr. Cornick and his struggles. He is a very old wolf and Briggs has long established that very old wolves do not always do well and we've been watching Sam struggle for some time, but Silver Borne truly reveals the depth of his despair.

4. Adam backs Mercy's plays. Despite not always agreeing with how Mercy does things, Adam has her back and he demonstrates his support and respect more than once.

3. Mercy may not like werewolf politics, but girl knows exactly when to bring the smackdown in and it's all the more potent because she doesn't do the posturing.

2. The Fae are always fun to explore, they are mysterious, vain and truly a capricious lot. We also get lots more Zee which is always a treat.

1. Magic has an unpredictable effect on Mercy and when you throw in a Faerie Queen, unstable pack magic and a sabotage attempt or three -- unpredictable takes on a delightfully edgy feel.

If you've never read the Mercedes Thompson books be sure to start with Moon Called and work your way through the series. Briggs writes in a delightfully conversational and engaging tone sure to leave you wanting more.

Do you have a favorite character in the Mercedes Thompson world?

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  1. I completely agree that Silver Borne rocks!