Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paul Wesley: The Supernatural Trifecta

Oddly enough, Paul Wesley has been around for years, but I never took much note of him before The Vampire Diaries. Odder still, it wasn't until I was looking something up last night that I realized Paul Wesley is one of those actors that I have seen around for years and in multiple supernatural roles. The actor, who currently portrays the tortured vampire brother Stefan Salvatore on the CW's The Vampire Diaries has also played an angel and a werewolf.

The Fallen

In 2007, ABC Family aired a two hour movie followed by a very short season called Fallen based on the novels of one of my favorite writers Tom Sniegoski. Wesley portrayed an 18-year-old Aaron Corbett who struggles to come to terms with his newly discovered identity - that he is a half-angel. It seems that Aaron has a gift to redeem fallen angels, allowing them to return to the source, but not everyone wants him to do that and the battles between the angels can get pretty intense with Aaron even taking flight on occasion.

Wolf Lake

Turning back the clock to 2001, a then actual teenager, Paul Wesley portrayed Luke Cates, a werewolf living in a woodsy small town called Wolf Lake where most of the citizens harbor a secret – they are all shapeshifters. Amusingly enough, Mia Kirshner (currently portraying Elena's vampire-turned mother on The Vampire Diaries) played Luke Cates' older sister and reluctant shifter on Wolf Lake. While the writing and the story pacing was sketchy on this series, it is a concept that would likely do better in today's supernaturally hungry television than it did in 2001.

But as for Wesley, hats off to the young man who's done a little bit of it all in the ultimate urban fantasy trifecta!

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