Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Smackdown - Heroes That Bite

It feels like forever since we hosted a really good Saturday Smackdown and this week -- well, we've got two very, hot and powerful contenders.  Both contenders leave me with chills -- and I mean the good kind.  But don't believe me. Just check out who we have this week..

Saturday Smackdown - Pick Your Favorites  

Damon Salvatore versus Eric Northman

They are both smoking hot vampires with an attitude. They've got that bad boy vibe down, but Eric's got more than a few centuries under his belt compared to Damon. They both want the girl and they're both willing to do anything for her. There's an intensity in their gaze that you can't get away from and really -- who doesn't get chills when they stroll into the scene and own it?

The Best of Eric Northman

The Best of Damon Salvatore

You Decide

It's up to you. Who wins this week's smackdown? Eric? Damon? One lucky commentator who lists their pick and says why will have a chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate to Barnes and Noble -- where you could pick up a copy of my book or any other great read for download or purchase.

So tell me -- which one of these bad boys do you pick?


  1. You know, that's a darn tough choice. If the two of them fought over me...I'd have to take the winner...and the loser : )

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  2. Why choose? I want them both! Two so well-written bad boys...*le sigh*

    If I had to choose one, it would have to be Eric. He's taller, more powerful, can fly and, regardless of age, he still has the Viking spirit. I like a man who knows what he wants and takes it.

  3. Eh, I suppose I'd have to choose Damon in the end, just because I like my guys with dark hair, haha. Though Eric is pretty fine too... *sigh*

  4. For me, it's Damon hands-down. I mean, come one, look at those eyes! it's all in the eyes and there just seems to be so much going on in his. And then there's the sexy little smile, the swagger in the attitude and in the walk, and he does have some of the best lines ever! I love Damon.

  5. Eric Norman with out a doubt Eric is a real man And Damon looks like a metro

  6. OMG. This is a hard one. I have a serious crush on Damon but I heart Eric so much!


    It's Eric...I have to stay loyal to my man.

  7. I'm going to say Eric. He's older, wiser, nd since he been in charge of his own area I say wilier than the other gentleman.

  8. My vote is for Damon Salvatore. I like a bit more "life" and vitality.

  9. Congrats to Virginia who would be happy to have Eric and Damon fighting over her (who wouldn't?)- Gift certificate will go out this week!

  10. Whoo-hoo! Thank You!

    I can't wait to congratulate the winner of the fight....and then console the loser : )

  11. eric contest...though i just started watching the vamp diaries and elana should be with damon not stefan....stefans a wuss.