Thursday, June 10, 2010

True Blood Returns Sunday

True Blood: The Complete Second Season (HBO Series)That southern spicy fair that we like to call True Blood will kick off its third season this Sunday and you can already feel the tension in the air when talking to other fans.  Alan Ball has been dribbling out the teasing bits and bytes of what will happen when we return to Bon Temps, Louisiana.   So let's take a quick peek back at where we left our favorite residents:

  • Tara cradled a dead Eggs in her arms
  • Jason shot Eggs and Andy covered for him
  • Bill proposed to Sookie and then vanished when she was in the restroom
  • Sam made some choices about his future
  • Most of Bon Temps began to recover from Maryann's madness

What Happens Next?
 So what will happen next?  The third season will likely follow the outline of events in Charlaine Harris' third book Club Dead with more than a few additions from the creative mind of Alan Ball and his writers. Preview scenes are already teasing that Sam will reconnect with his biological family (and it may not be a s positive as he hoped) while Sookie will meet Alcide and if the fever pitch fans are working themselves up into over that isn't enough, go check out TrueBlood Net for more tantalizing teasers.

I've been avoiding spoilers for the most part, because I find that without them – the show is just that much better.

My Top Five True Blood Moments

Sookie learns Sam is a Shapeshifter.

The Death of Godric

Sookie Dreams of Eric

Eric Tricks Sookie into Drinking his Blood

Sookie and Bill Meet Maryann

What are your favorite moments?

Season 3 premieres Sunday, June 13 on HBO.  


  1. Awesome clips! I can't wait to watch it on Sunday!

  2. my fav moments from last year - were sookie/eric moments. as to me that is closer to the true relationship from the book...than alan's screwed up world of bill being everything.