Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blank Slate, New Book

The start of every new project should look like this -- a clean slate. All those squares represent chapters or sections of this month's book.  For those of you who are curious, I have two novellas that are on the schedule for September and October: a contemporary sweet romance and a paranormal romance.

Stay tuned for what this board will look like tomorrow.


  1. I always thought most writers just kind of set down and started writing but then I became friends with a few now I know that it takes a lot of planning. I have the greatest admiration for anyone who can write. Thank you for sharing your talent and time with us your readers!!

  2. Thanks Tina. You know, there are still times that I just sit down and write -- particularly if I am stuck in a scene or a story. I take my notepad, curl up in the living room with a pen and paper and literally just go old-school and let my thoughts wander. I eventually find the place I want to go that way.