Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Genie, a Witch and a CIA Agent Walk Into a Bar...
Well, OK, the genie seems to float more than walk and the witch seems to slide in the door and away from the bounty hunter a little. Of course it could be because the CIA Agent suggested the witch consider a job in the super secret goat-staring branch of the CIA. (Law enforcement types aren't known for their tremendous wit. In fact, they rarely have much opportunity to whip out their wit what with the bullets and knives getting thrown at them willy nilly.)

The genie orders a drink but the bartender spills it when she notices his toe curling smile. Being so hot (he is a fire elemental after all), he accidentally set the spilled drink on fire when he leaned in to make his move on the bartender who had forgotten her own name.

The witch puts the fire out with her tea and waits for the bartender to remember her name and eventually her job.
When the smoke clears the CIA Agent has already snatched the top shelf tequila, tossed it down and lit a cigarette off the genie's ass to celebrate open bar night.

Want to know what happens next?

Stay tuned. They're coming soon.

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