Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Hero the Alpha Male

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I have some fabulous guest bloggers for you this week, so be sure to make them welcome and chat them up. Today, author Sheniqua Waters talks about her hero -- the Alpha Male!

When you read a romance novel and you’re introduced to the hero, what kind of male do you expect him to be? Do you prefer a male who is kind and gentle? One who is debonair with lots of money? Or do you prefer an alpha male with muscles and a brash attitude?

I must admit my taste in heroes has changed over the years. When I started reading inspirational romances in my teens, the temperate type who was handsome yet tame, who knew how to waltz, liked the symphony and could recite a pleasant poem made my day. Now, I am at a different place when it comes to what I want in a hero. For now, it seems, when it comes to reading about the hero…the more alpha the male the better. The more muscular and macho…let me read more.

I don’t know when the alpha male wormed his way into my literary heart. I guess it was some time while I was writing my first two romance novels Slave Girl and Something to Hide. In Slave Girl, Kudar al Numan, the hero, is not like the heroes I grew up reading. He’s handsome…and knows it. He’s rich…yet cocky. On the subject of women…he is presumptuous. But, somehow, I like him. In my second novel, Something to Hide, Brock Cunningham is a struggling rancher with a chip on his shoulder. He’s brooding and moody. You know, the strong silent type who’s not one to sit around and navel gaze as he discusses his feelings.

When I was in the midst of writing these books, I remember hearing someone say that romance readers wanted to read books with strong women but not alpha males. I didn’t realize the heroes in my novels were alpha men until it was bought to my attention after the stories were published. Now, I must admit, I like to read and write about alpha men. What about you? How do you feel about alpha men? Do you like alpha men? Are they “back in style”? Did they ever go out of style? Tell me what you think.

Blog by Sheniqua Waters


  1. Sheniqua,

    I don't think alpha men have ever truely been out of style and hope they stick around. If he's bold and brash or quiet and brooding, I think we want our men to know who they are and what they want.

    I love your writing style and the way you develop your heroine and hero!

  2. Hey Sheniqua! Great post--I agree with Jerrie that alpha males never truly go out of style. As for my preference...I do love the alpha hero, but you there's something about a beta hero who's going to really romance you with his thoughtfulness and tenderness. And sometime, you know, it's those quiet ones that'll surprise you. :)

    Jen FitzGerald

  3. Can you please tell me if Slave Girl is available as an eBook.