Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Perfectly Captivating with Kris Cook

Perfection [Eternally Three] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Perfection [Eternally Three]
I have a special treat for you today, author Kris Cook sat down to chat it up with the characters of his Eternally Three series. This is a smoking hot and passionate series written by one of my favorite people.  Check out the interview and the chance to win a copy of the first hit book in this series: Perfection!

Hey Daily Dosers!

My book Captivation released last week. It’s the second book in my Eternally Three series. Rather than me droning on and on about the book, I thought DDers might enjoy an interview with the characters in Captivation. Conducted by none other than Mr. Archangel, David. LOL! Let’s see where this goes.

I’m waiting for them all to arrive. Characters that have no sense of time can really be bothersome to an author. The studio reminds me of my days when I worked in radio. Three swivel chairs are on the other side of the table from me. Next to me is another chair. I sit in a comfy wingback. Hey, being the author has some benefits. Eve walks in, sipping on a can of root beer.

Eve: Hi, Kris.

Kris: Eve, it’s good to see you again.

She’s wearing black jeans and a white silky top. Her auburn hair is up, which unusual for her. She sits down in the middle chair across from me.

Eve: Thanks. My guys should be here in a minute. They were starving, so they’re hitting up the vending machine in the hallway.

Kris: Hungry from after a battle with demons, I bet.

Eve: Yes. We also went to the Ether. Micki showed me how to open a portal. That place is nuts.

A flash of blue light fills the studio. David appears. His wings are extended to the max. Per usual, he wears glasses… for looks only.

David: Why am I here?

Kris: Don’t make me go all badass on you. You already know. Do your job?

David: My job is to protect North American humans from evil, not conducting silly interviews.

Eve: Arguing with our author? Not very smart, David. Remember, he can make you suffer.

Kris: That’s telling him, Eve. David, stop sulking and get this underway for the readers of Daily Dose.

David shrugs, and his wings disappear. He’s still impressive looking but not so otherworldly now. I motion him to the seat beside me.

Nash and Kronos enter through the door. For those who are meeting them for the first time, Nash is a jinn commander and Kronos is a warrior angel. They are munching on vending machine burritos. They wave at me, and continue eating. Nash sits in the chair on Eve’s left, and Kronos on the one to her right. I decide to sit back and see what happens. Might be fun—or a disaster.

David: Fine. Where do we start?

Nash: Tell them about how immortals get energy to survive.

Eve: It can be really quite wonderful.

Kronos: If you’re with your true loves.

Eve: I know.

David: Please, may I finish? Immortals need to triple with humans in order to receive the life energy they need to continue to exist on this plane. It’s like the laws of electricity that needs three things to operate… positive, negative, conduit. Or better said, a tripling consists of an angel, a jinn and a human.

Eve: You make it sound so clinical.

David: Isn’t it?

Nash: For you? Absolutely. For me, Kronos, and our little one, not at all.

Eve: I love when you call me little one.

David: My former second-in-command spouting sentimental crap. Not like the soldier I knew for centuries.

Captivation [Eternally Three]
Nash: Before Eve, it wouldn’t have ever happened.

He grabs Eve’s hand and pulls it up to his lips.

David: (Smirking) Whatever. Tell us about how you lost Eve, Kronos.

Kronos: (Glares at David) I made a mistake. That won’t ever happen again.

Eve turns to Kronos and places her hand on his shoulder.

Eve: That wasn’t your fault. We’ve talked about this, honey. I ran off. I may only be human, but I’ve got some street sense that comes in handy even with you immortals.

Kronos: I know. But knowing that the demons captured you and could’ve—

Eve: They didn’t. I’m fine.

David: Thanks to me.

Nash: You’re so arrogant.

David: Really? Who sent you out to find her? Me.

Nash: I’ll give you that. But you didn’t want Kronos and I to triple with her. That clearly was an error in judgment. Or do you disagree?

David: (He glares back at Nash) Given the outcome, how can I? Still, you wouldn’t have activated her bloodline power if I hadn’t assigned you to her detail.

Nash: Her power was activated because I disobeyed your orders.

David: Perhaps, or perhaps not.

Eve: Wow, you always have a way of twisting things. If Nash and Kronos had followed your instructions, we’d still be at square one… (frowning) and I would be alone having to screw every warrior in your army per your orders.

Kronos: (He kisses Eve’s cheek) Whatever David did or didn’t do, sweetheart, we are together now.

Eve: It was tough though, and David didn’t make it any easier for us.

David: (Stands up) I resent that. I have a job to do. How was I to know that you were so different than your cousin, Micki? Her power came online the minute she saw Jared and Bradley. (Turning to me) This is a waste of time. I have a rescue operation that needs my attention. May I go?

Kris: Of course.

He vanishes in a flash of blue light.

Eve: We were a bit hard on him. With Brooke missing and… (A tear falls from her eye).

Nash puts his arm around Eve’s shoulders.

Nash: We’ll find her, my love. I promise.

Kronos: (Nods) We should go, too.

Kris: You’re right. Thanks for spending a little time with us.

Eve: Thank you, Kris and Heather.

The three stand. Nash points and a portal appears.

Nash: Kris, could you give us a hint what happens with the war? Brooke? Vincorte? The book?

Kris: No. Go. You have a big job now, Nash.

The three step through the magical door, and I am left alone.
I wish I could’ve answer him, but I can’t ruin the surprises to come.

Kris is giving away a digital copy of PERFECTION: Eternally Three to one lucky Daily Dose reader. Just leave a comment for Kris, questions are always welcome and one lucky commentator will win a copy of Perfection this Friday, September 17!

And thank you Kris for dropping in with your three wonderfully captivating friends.


  1. Thanks, Heather for having me. It's making my B-Day special.

  2. Thanks, michelle. I really loves these guys. Even David. LOL!

  3. Omg I love it!!! David is so ............. I don't even know lol I love him but then he does things that just irritate me!!

  4. Great Post! Loved the interaction..LOL

  5. Okay see... now I want to read it. But can I have a warrior angel of my own. Please???

  6. Brandy - if I had the power to send one your way I would. Thanks.

  7. We all need our own warrior angels! Thank goodness Kris give us our imaginary ones to fill the void!
    Congrats Kris! You've out done yourself once again!

  8. CONGRATS! JC is the winner. Shoot me an email kris@kriscook.net with your information. We'll get your prize to you ASAP. Thanks all who commented. Kris

  9. JC is the winner - JC send me an email and I will get your book to you.