Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Wishes with Author Lisa Pietsch

I was interviewed earlier this year and in that interview I was asked which author I most wanted to work with on a project.  My answer was a toss-up between Heather Long and Kellyann Zuzulo.  A few months later, Heather approached both me and Kellyann about doing a shared world anthology together.  (And I hadn't even burned a candle yet!)

Of course I was thrilled my little wish was coming true.  Kellyann and I both jumped on board immediately.  The enthusiasm we all had for the project was inspiring and energizing.  Something big was happening and we could feel it.  In one weekend, we put together a synopsis based on an idea Heather had, and a query was born.  Within a week, Sapphire Blue Publishing offered us a contract. 

It is so exciting when authors you love to read want to work with you.  Add to that the excitement of knowing a good publisher believes in you.  Roll it up into a ball and you've got some powerful magic.

So powerful it can be intimidating.

I'm writing a 20,000 word story and it has to be my best yet.  Heather and Kellyann are going to bring their A-games and I don't want to be the slacker on the team.  (I’ll be honest, I read Heather’s first chapter and it blew me away!)  I need to produce something brilliant or forever hang my head in shame for passing up a marvelous opportunity.  I’ll rise to the occasion if it kills me.

  • I wished for this. 
  • I wished I could write a novel.  I did.
  • I wished I could get published.  I did.
  • I wished I could do a story with Heather & Kellyann.  I am.
  • I sure hope I'm not out of wishes!

The moral of this story:

Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it.  That's when the real work begins!

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  1. And there's real magic afoot when one person's wish matches up to another's...I can't believe that I get to work on a project with you and Heather. Yes, wishes do come true!!

  2. How awesome that your wishes have been coming true :)
    I can't wait to read what you three cook up.