Saturday, October 30, 2010

Excerpt Fun - 13th Night

Coming soon from Sapphire Blue Publishing:  Seven Souls-a-Leaping featuring my novella: 13th Night.  Check out the excerpt after the jump.

“Darian – I’m sorry.”  Her voice pled with him and he had to turn away from the sadness on her face.  “I know you’re worried.  I’m just not sure that I need to be yet.  I’m not stupid though.  We can research it. It’s what we do, right?” 
         He was such a bastard. He’d hurt her with the force of his grip and she was apologizing to him and trying to make it right.  He didn’t deserve her.   A flicker of movement behind her and Darian leapt.
         The shadow dodged him easily and laughter rolled around him like a clown in a madhouse.  He’d been to one once, when Tara was fifteen.  They’d found the spirit of a girl who’d fallen and died.  The spirit warned them of another trapped child, it had driven them to help her.  The trailed led to a so-called funhouse at the local fairgrounds.
Darian had seen less creepy places.
The mad laughter trailing the shadow reminded Darian of that funhouse, of the crazy mirrors and the shadows that weren’t there.  The shadow danced around Tara, plunging a hand forward before Darian could catch it.  She sat straight up in the chair, pen falling from nerveless fingers.
Roaring, Darian dove at the shadow again and seized it.  Ice penetrated him, chills quaking through the very essence of his being. The world twisted around him and for the first time in nearly two decades, Darian spun out of control, tumbling through the walls, falling through the unlit Christmas tree only to collapse through the floor and land on the dirt floor of the basement.  The shadow twined around him, weakening him further.  If he needed to breathe, he would say the shadow was stripping away the oxygen, but it was worse than that. It gnawed away at the essence of his soul, drinking like a vampire would and the more it took, the weaker Darian became.
In the distance, he could hear a voice.
She was calling him. 
The shadow heard it too.
It paused feeding to lift hungry eyes upwards.
“NO!” Strength burned through the icy shackles, jerking the shadow’s attention back to him.  If it destroyed what was left of him, Darian didn’t care.  He didn’t want that thing anywhere near Tara.

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