Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rachel Hawthorne and Supernatural Fun

Dark Guardian #1: Moonlight
We headed out to dinner last night with Rachel Hawthorne, author of the paranormal YA series The Dark Guardians. It was fun to take the mini-me to an author event, particularly one that focused on the types of books she likes to read. Ms. Hawthorne was hosted by the local library for the question and answer session.

She opened with a fun list of top items to prefer vampires or werewolves. For example:

Werewolves are great because:

  • They have a built in costume for Halloween
  • Loyalty to mate and pack is everything
  • They are warriors
  • They can fight all day and all night
  • They have a playful side
  • They come with a built group for parties

Vampires on the other hand are great because:

  • They are always the older guy
  • They have been around for centuries and are ideal as a study buddy for history tests
  • They don't shed
  • They don't get hormonal on the full moon
  • They have a great smile
  • They always look great in a tuxedo which bodes well for the prom

Fun, yeah?

What items would you add to the list? Be sure to check out Rachel Hawthorne's Dark Guardians series - another fun twist on the werewolf tale.

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