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The Vampire Diaries Post Mortem - Memory Lane

It's a time for exploring secrets, lies, passion and hatred. Katherine's agenda remains firmly focused on Stefan. She invades his dreams, crawls into his bed and seeks to indulge herself at his expense. She claims she has only returned to Mystic Falls for him.

If you hear skepticism in those words then you've been watching the same show I have been. Katherine is a schemer, she is always thinking three or four moves ahead of where she is now. It's interesting that this episode revolves around the deepening mystery or her return and the mystery of Mason Lockwood.

Katherine and Stefan

Stefan and Katherine danced the dance of information down the titular memory lane. Katherine revealed secrets of what was going on in Mystic Falls during the Founder's Ball. For example, she teased that she knew what George Lockwood was when she met him. it was his hunts that led to the rounding up of the vampires. By persecuting vampires, he could cover up his own supernatural secret.

Katherine teased Stefan about keeping the photograph of her and she pointed out that he returned to Mystic Falls to fall in love with Katherine all over again.

I have to wonder if that's not a little bit true. It was Elena's looks that initially captured Stefan's attention. But Elena is the woman Stefan believed Katherine to be - so you could argue that his falling in love with Elena was inevitable. But does he love Elena because he loves Katherine? No, he doesn't love Katherine because Elena is the woman he always believed in -- he just had to wait a hundred and fifty years for her to be born.

Stefan learned the hard way that Katherine's been dosing herself with vervain to prevent ever being caught unaware again. He learned of Katherine's deal with George Lockwood and to his own horror, he learned that he and Damon have spent a hundred and fifty years as vampires for no reason. Katherine insisted that they died for love, but since it was her plan to be captured and use the imprisonment of the vampires and their subsequent burning to cover her own escape -- that does leave one to wonder.

So my questions are now the following:

Did Emily know? Bonnie's ancestress was an exceptionally powerful witch. She devised the safety net under the tomb to protect Katherine, yet Katherine was never in the tomb and never had any intentions of being there. So was Emily another of Katherine's dupes?

Why did the Founding families turn on Emily?

Why did Emily allow it? It's very clear that Emily could have rescued herself, yet she was burned by the Founding families and they took her grimoire -- so those are some more mysteries that I would like some answers too.

And why did Katherine have to leave? What or should I say who is she running from? She didn't leave because of the founding families and she destroyed all the vampires she had made -- so why? Makes me think there is a much bigger bad out there that will be coming to town.

Fishing for Werewolves

Damon played his game with Mason Lockwood, but the genial Lockwood wolf wasn't biting. In the end, Damon acted as impulsively as always and stabbed Mason with a silver knife. He was more than a little shocked to discover that silver had no effect.

Now Mason doesn't want to play nice anymore.

Good job Damon.

Caroline's Betrayal

Katherine's visit to Caroline in the previous episode continues to play out as she tries to keep Elena from going to Stefan, but Elena arrives at the Salvatore boarding house anyway and there she comes face to face with Katherine. Katherine has already threatened to kill her if Stefan doesn't come to heel, but the face off was very anticlimactic. Katherine wants something from Elena every bit as much as she wants something from Stefan or she would have killed her already.

I am starting to think it is just narcism. She just wants Stefan to choose her. She doesn't want Damon because she can have him, but despite her protestations to the obvious, she wants Stefan because he doesn't want her.

Stefan and Elena decide to play the game, faking a break up in public so Caroline can report back.

Kudos to the writers. Four episodes in and the tension is nice and taut. I am eager for every drop of action that is to come.

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