Monday, November 15, 2010

The Good Guys and the Stache

One of my favorite new TV series this season is The Good Guys starring Colin Hanks as the clean-cut college boy cop, Jack Bailey, and my hero, Bradley Whitford as the has-been detective, Dan Stark. Of course I’m not sure who makes a bigger statement, Dan or his furry mustache which seems to have a role of its own on the show.

The endless mustache humor that may get lost on some, is totally appreciated by others. Maybe it’s because we grew up with the sexy macho stache. Tom Selleck was the sexiest man alive in the 80’s--women coveted his hairy lip and hairy chest. Yet today, that same image which drove women to their knees, now makes us laugh, turn up our lip and say, ‘eww’. The macho men of the 21st century not only shave their face, but their entire head, their chests and other parts as well. The only acceptable hair seems to be in the form of a goatee or soul patch. And although I would NEVER say, ‘ewwe’ to Tom, I can’t help but notice, even he has stepped away from his classic stache toward a modernized version with a goatee.

But what would we do in life without characters like Dan Stark? Dan who lives in the past, bungles through the present, and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what’s going to happen in the future. Dan who has natural instincts about crime and criminals but doesn’t have a clue as to what’s acceptable socially. Dan who gets the bad guy at all cost, without an understanding for rules and regulations that can make the job easier, or sometimes harder.

I’ve known a few Dan’s on the police department throughout the years. In fact, when I transferred to day shift, I was the only officer in my sector without one. Of course I was the only one boobs too. At first those crusty guys treated me like I had a venereal disease they could catch if they even looked in my direction. But after a while they warmed up and asked me to join them for Sunday breakfast at the New G and E Diner, which was far from new. I was honored, little did I know they invited me so I’d quit pulling them away from their biscuits and gravy to back me up a car check.

One stache in particular, stood out in the crowd. A small man, maybe shorter than me, who smoked everywhere he went. His uniform ill-fitting, his voice gravely, his humor raunchy and his manner unorthodox. He was the luckiest little leprechaun you ever saw. But he was also the best damn cop I ever met. He taught me more in the years we worked together than I could possibly say. And he has arrested more felons in Kansas City than any other cop. He’s respected on the streets by all generations and to this day, the felons know they can’t escape Tom.

So the stache on The Good Guys brings back a lot of nostalgia for me. Not just the heart throb of my twenties, but the mentor in my thirties. I see a little of me in Jack Bailey and a lot of Tom in Dan Stark’s mustache.

What stache stands out for you in your life? Is it a Tom Selleck or a local Tom who impacted who you are today? Was it a hot fuzzy kiss, or a fur-ball you couldn’t hack up? A guy who wow’d you with his knowledge or a guy who made you want to wipe that stache off with duct tape because of his filthy mouth? Did it go with a mouth-watering body of the Hawaiian gods, or barfing butt cleavage?

Let me know your experience with the stache, good or bad, I bet you have a story to tell!


  1. My favorite man with a 'stache is the love of my life...Sam Elliott : ) Sam also has the voice to go with the 'stache ; )

  2. My stache stories all revolve around my husband. Sure my dads have them as well as others I know but the one that stands out for me is my husband's.

    He says he looks like a baby without one and so refuses to go more than a few days without one. His stache though is always accompanied by sideburns. Big ones of many different styles. Lately he has the big bushy ones with a stache so long he can curl the ends (I cringe at the thought he will one day find some stache wax) and I tease him that he has gone Amish.

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  4. My first boyfriend had a pencil-thin stache and close cropped goatee. Very dashing. But I've grown older and my tastes have changed. While I love a good stache on a fictional detective, I don't much enjoy one on my kissing-buddy.

  5. How could I forget about Sam Elliott? The man definitely knew how to use his stache!

  6. How interesting that aman with a baby face could grow so much! I think handle bars to hold onto could be another blog all by itself! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love love love Sam Elliott. He and Tom Selleck as the Sackett Brothers is my mom's favorite series. (And mine) I love both of the "staches" and voices. And if you've never seen QUIGLY DOWN's a must see if you like Tom.

    One mustache I'll keep around is my hubby. He didn't have one when we met...but grew a beard for a play. He's down to the modern goatee. He's threatened to shave the graying hairs off his chin, I just keep buying him JUST FOR MEN.


  8. No staches for me. No experiences good or bad, just not my personal preference. Never was hot for Magnum, but I do love me some Sam Elliott, but only if I close my eyes. Scruff is more my thing. Probably because I came into my own during the height of grunge. The tortured, rough-face of Kurt Cobain will always hold a place with me.

  9. Three very different looks of facial hair, yet all have an appeal. Thank you Regina, Angi and Tracy for your comments. Another Tom sporting the grunge look is Tom Brady of the NE Patriots. This clean cut and clean shaven guy has sexed-it-up with his new look of long hair and grunge. He says it's because of the New England winter, I think it's for the female football fan!

  10. Luckily only one man in my life has had a "stash"... My Dad. I remember the time when my dad decided to grow one, I was in third grade. I think he kept it for around two or three years. The day he shaved it off, we were on vacation in Hawaii and I woke up that morning and came out of my room and there was my dad with nothing above his lip. I was so shocked because he looked so different. Now when I look back at those pictures with his "stash" I just laugh because he looked so silly!

  11. Thanks for commenting Janice. I think we can all remember the time when our dad sported furry lips. Now my dad does the whole beard at Christmas time for the grandkids. Your dad is going to have to think about that now as well!

  12. Hmm, I had something to say, but then everyone started mentioning Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot *sigh* Now I am decidedly distracted. :)

    My dad had a mustache and beard at different times. I never liked guys with facial hair until I met the one I married.

    I have never seen him with out a mustache and beard/goatee.

    Funny, I never think of adding facial hair to my leading men.

  13. I love The Good Guys! It's produced by the same guy that does Burn Notice and it's filmed in the DFW area so it's fun to see places I recognize. Dan is a hoot! I really enjoy hearing you talk about your job, Kym.

    I have an ancient memory of seeing a woman trying to get Tom Selleck to shave his mustache on a soap opera in the early seventies before he became well known. It made an impression! And I loved him on Rockford Files and Quigley Down Under!

    My husband has had mustaches occasionally throughout the years and it's kind of fun for a change. But generally, a good mustache is hard to find...


  14. Dawn-

    This blog has made me think of so many different styles of facial hair that's been popular throughout the years. And how funny that I totally forgot about the grunge look until Tracy mentioned it! It's been great for character developement. I hope it helped others as well!

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  16. Remeber the song "I wish I had a pencil-thin mustache - the Boston Blackie kind"...

    This post made me think of that song and now it's stuck in my head. Thanks, Kym. I've got Stache-Head! Someone call a barber! I need my brain shaved.

  17. KYM
    Even after 16+ years of marriage I fing reading your material to be a true learning experience. 1. I have never known you to need handle bars.
    2. Women seem intrigued by what they dont have.
    3. Real men run bare because truly being in touch with a woman's responsiveness requires all your sensory receptors. That is if your doing it right.

    Live and learn.

  18. Marty-Thanks for joining in. I'm glad my cop stories don't bore you! I saw a young Tom Sellect riding bareback in one of his early movies, he was quite handsome. Yet he was hot in Quigley Down Under. My own hubby has tried the goatee a few times, but I have to say there is nothing better than a freshly shaved face.

    Regina I don't remember that song, next time we're together you're going to have to sing it for me. Maybe that will pass your fur ball off to another brain! You are such a riot thanks for joining today.

    And annoymous-you are a cop after my heart-don't ever change!

  19. I LOVE the Good Guys! I just found the show on the second to last - or was it the third to last episode of the season, so I only watched three episodes. Looking forward to more. The stache, and the man wearing it is my favorite character of the show.

    My husband has always had a stach, and we're both 50 and 53 now. He tried to shave his face a couple times and I would rather he keep the goatee and mustache...funny - even though he has black hair (or had black hair), his mustache was always blonde, and his beard black. My youngest son has dark rich hair but his beard is RED. Like a redhead. he keeps a goatee and mustache.

    my middle son- I had to laugh when I read CL Norman's comment, because my middle son is 24 years old and will sport a mohawk and mutton-chops. Sometimes he shaves everything (even his head hair) completely off, but always ends up with long, long sideburns (not always muttonchops, thank god) and some type of beard - goatee, full beard, long straight narrow beard, soul patch - he definitely plays around with his facial hair.

    and Every single one of my boys have a hairy chest and stomache...and one of them has quite hairy shoulders....his girlfriend doesn't seem to mind. :)

  20. Thanks for joining Mardel! This has been an awesome blog. You've added even more character ideas to those of us who are used to no facial hair. Like the Dan's and Tom's of this world,it sounds like your boys define themselves with the hair they wear. The stache is not dead, it just comes in different sizes and shapes. Thanks to everyone for joining I had a great time. Remember Good Guys come in all shapes and sizes. Until next time, I'll be 10-42.

  21. Hey Kym,

    My favorite mustaches belong to my Daddy who had one always, always, and to Clark Gable, particularly as Rhett Butler, my all time favorite leading man. :)