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Vampire Diaries Post Mortem - The Sacrifice

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The Vampire Diaries returned last night after a very long three week hiatus.  In the episodes Rose and Katerina, Elena learned what it meant to be a doppelganger and that the oldest vampire of all time, Klaus, is going to want to sacrifice her.  Katherine told her the story of being banished from her family in Bulgaria after giving birth to an illegitimate daughter.  In England, she met a nobleman with whom she was quite taken. It turns out, that nobleman was Klaus and he planned to sacrifice her.  Before he could, Katherine (with the help of Trevor) fled, taking the moonstone with her.  She tricked Rose into turning her and has spent over 500 years dodging Trevor, Rose and the Originals.

This offered up an explanation for why Katherine bolted from Atlanta (makes you wonder who found her there) and then later why she was in Mystic Falls, home of a werewolf bloodline.  I imagine that George Lockwood, a hero of the "south," triggered his curse during the war. I can only imagine she traded the moonstone for her freedom because it helped control the transformation.  He obviously didn't do the sacrifice to break the curse as it affected the werewolves ... or did he just do it for himself? These are questions that haven't been answered.

In the meanwhile, Tyler and Caroline have begun to bond as she understands what he is going through and new "warlock" (allow me to say how much I HATE that term) Luka has caught Bonnie's eye, despite Jeremy's wonderful flirtation.

The Sacrifice

The episode opening was a quiet one for the show, Elena's asleep but something keeps disturbing her.  We see a shadowy figure in the background and when a slam downstairs jerks her awake, it fades back. What follows is a fairly comical encounter in the hallway with a mostly naked Alaric and Jenna who were coming upstairs with their snacks.  Alaric is apparently spending a lot of time in the Gilbert household (go Jenna!) and Jenna seems to be fairly recovered from the knife in the gut she took prior to Masquerade (good to see).  Elena is happy for them, but while she is talking to them, Luka's dad is stealing Elena's cheerleading photo, some jewelry (and what looked like her vervain necklace) and some hair from her hairbrush.

Well, that can't be good.

Damon & Stefan

The Salvatore brothers have always made such snarky opponents that watching them work together is a real treat.  (Although when they head down in the tomb and it takes both of them to open it, it cracked me up because Caroline did it by herself).  I was glad to see that someone had put the door in place.  They asked Katherine for the moonstone and she offered it in exchange for her freedom. Not just because she was starving, but because she was bored.

Poor Katherine.

The boys then head over to clue Elena into their plan. 

Two significant things to note here is the long look that Elena gives Damon when she includes him in the people she cares about and her refusal to let anyone else sacrifice themselves for her.  I know I talked to at least one person who didn't get why she was fighting them so hard on this and I have to point out:

Elena's father and mother died when their car went off Wickery Bridge.  Stefan told her that he got there fast, but not fast enough. When he swam down, her father was still alive but insisted that Stefan save her first.  By the time he got back to them, the Gilberts were dead.

Survivor guilt is bad enough, but if you think that everyone you love is going to die,  including the two men who are doing everything to protect you, then yes, it does make sense that you'll want to save all of them too.   So her plan with Rose totally gelled for me.

Speaking of Rose.

Rose & Elena Travel to Richmond

Note to the boys, when trying to save the life of someone, having at least one person keeping track of Miss Stubborn might be a plan, but I digress.  Elena convinces Rose to take her to Slater.  She knows that Rose doesn't really care if she lives or dies and Elena feels like Rose owes her because she did tell Damon to let her go (and remember, Rose cracked her hard across the face at one point).  In Richmond, they find Slater's staked body  (rather surprised that Elijah didn't clean that up) and young, overreacting human Alice in the closet. 

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Elena bribes Alice with the promise that Rose will turn her (Rose's expression was comical) and Alice logged them into Slater's computers.  The hard drive had been wiped (yet it still had an OS -- oh, but I digress), but it turns out that Slater was paranoid and backed everything up on a remote server.  On the server, they track down a contact.

Having identified someone who can get a message to Klaus, Elena tells Alice to call him and tell him "The Doppelganger is alive and she is ready to surrender."  Alice fan girls out (pretty funny stuff) and Rose freaks.   Apparently Rose didn't realize that was Elena's plan all together. I am beginning to agree with Katherine, Rose and Trevor weren't the brightest in the bunch.

Rose decides that she really doesn't like this plan and calls Damon who is heading down to the tomb with Stefan and Bonnie to try and get the moonstone.

Rose: "Please don't be mad."
Damon: "What's wrong?"
Rose: "You need to get to Richmond right away."
Damon: "Tell me."

Interestingly enough, Damon doesn't even pause before he's gone, he doesn't tell Stefan, Bonnie or anything. He just hies it to Richmond lickety-spit.

They called. He went. He's easy like that.   More on Elena/Damon at the end of this.

Jeremy, Bonnie, Luka and the Tomb

Okay, I'll admit it, the whole Bonnie/Luka thing is kind of flat to me. I am just not feeling it. Even the whole sharing magic thing just felt ... out of place and forced.  However, Luka wandered off with her bracelet and Bonnie still had his dog tags.  Jeremy, in the meanwhile, is a hero in search of a mission steals some of Bonnie's Katherine Stupefy dust and heads down to the tomb to get the moonstone before Bonnie risks herself on the complicated spell.

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Note to Jeremy, use the dust AND then use the stake.  I speculated a couple of weeks ago that Jeremy would get stuck in there with his magic ring and provide Katherine with an all you can eat meal.  And yes, he takes a couple of minutes to find the moonstone and she grabs him before he can get out, but he does toss the moonstone out.

But when Bonnie and Stefan arrive, there's Jeremy, bleeding and week with Katherine who is feeling positively gleeful.  They can have Jeremy when they let her out of the tomb, in the meanwhile, she is just going to play with her new toy.

Bonnie is now desperate to save Jeremy and starts the spell. The spell that was too hard to do before. The spell that killed her grandmother and she starts pulling on Luka to do it.  Luka is suffering and so is Bonnie, but she keeps going and going and going ...

Until Luka's father snaps the connection to save him and Bonnie drops like a rock.   She admits she isn't strong enough (news flash, she has said this several times recently) and she should have known that before she tried this fool plan. Why the hell didn't she get ahold of her family? Bonnie comes from a lineage of witches and she just met Lucy recently.  Witches are more powerful when they work in concert, this lone ranger scenario is not working for her.

And yes, I know her heart is in the right place, but this is what Elena is afraid of, Bonnie destroying herself.

Katherine elbowing Jeremy in the face when he kept yelling at Stefan to help Bonnie was funny, however, and sure enough, when she starts to feast on Jeremy in front of them, Stefan leaps into the tomb and tosses Jeremy out.

Jeremy is safe, but Stefan is now trapped and Katherine looked very pleased -- whether it's because she's not bored anymore or because Stefan is "safe" from Klaus or what, not so sure yet.

Caroline, Tyler and Matt

In a separate thread, Caroline and Tyler are checking out the Lockwood cellar and find Mason's journal. Inside it is a horrific video Mason made of his transformation.  He chained himself up, he drugged himself with wolfsbane and for hours he agonized on the floor.  Caroline notes that the transformation became easier over time (I have to wonder if the wolfsbane is part of why it was so painful, since it's poison to wolves and Mason was fighting it, but I digress).

Photo Credit: The CW © 2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Caroline and Tyler were continuing to bond and when Tyler wanted to know why Caroline was helping him, she told him the truth of her turn. How she was alone and had to figure it out and how she ended up killing someone.  Her story really affected Tyler.

Matt is struggling with fighting with Tyler and Sarah's death.  He apologizes to Tyler for doing it (poor boy still doesn't know he was under a compulsion) and Tyler accepts it.  The two are obviously both in a bad place and trying to connect isn't easy.   When Matt shows up at Caroline's to tell her how much he missed her and wants to be with her, her hopeful smile was only shadowed by Matt's frown when Tyler walked out behind her.

I am loving the Caroline/Tyler dynamic.

Elijah, Damon and Elena

Do you think they packed enough into this episode? So much going on. So many threads to follow.  Damon arrives at Slater's much to Elena's chagrin.  He is there to take Elena home.  Cue the great preview scene where he tells her to get her ass out the door before he picks her up and puts her over his shoulder and carries her out himself.

When Elena fights with him, Damon keeps her from connecting and they lean in -- and yes, I seriously thought he was going to kiss the hell out of her, but he just tells her to not do it again.  When Elena says she understands why they are all trying to save her, why can't he understand that she wants to save the people she loves too -- cue the significant look.

Damon doesn't care, he won't let her get herself killed while he can still stop it.  They are on their way out when the door bursts open. It's the vampires that Elena had Alice call.  Elena starts to move around Damon and he stops her with a throaty, "I will - break - your arm."    Poor Damon, hard to be a hero when the heroine wants to do it herself, but I am loving Elena standing up for herself and pointing out that everyone makes choices for her, Damon, Stefan, her parents - even Isobel and John Gilbert, so she needs to do this herself.

You can see Damon gearing himself up for a fight when the third vampire in the back drops and Elijah walks in.  The two in the front demand to know who he is and when he says Elijah, they look horrified and mumble they were bringing the doppelganger to him.  He asks who they told and when they say no one, he thanks them and rips their hearts out.

Rose has long since skedaddled. One look at at Elijah and she was out of there.   Elena looks truly frightened because Damon braces himself,  he is going to try and fight Elijah and frankly, I dunno that he has a chance.

Elijah, however, just looks at them and then leaves.   Damon's expression said it all - "Did that just happen?"

But at least Damon knows he's alive. 

We learn later when Elijah confers with Luka's dad that he left Damon alive because Damon would give his life to save Elena and will keep Elena safe -- and that they need her safe.  Do you sense complicated vampire politics?

Yes, I thought you did.


Damon takes Elena home since her ride bailed.  She tried to defend Rose, but Damon isn't interested. In a crunch situation, Rose took off.  She's not reliable in his book now.  He also warns Elena not to do anymore stupid stunts like that.  When Jeremy opens the door, he looks like hell and he has to tell them about Stefan in the tomb.

Elena races down to the tomb and is all set to go inside when Damon catches her and traps her against a wall. She fights and screams and rails, but he doesn't move.  No way in hell is he letting her in there where Katherine can get to her.  She is lashing out, but Damon stands firm and Elena finally leaves the tomb to go up.

He turns and sees Stefan who has been listening to them.  The wry look was funny.  Damon shook his head at Stefan getting trapped, but told him, he'd find a way and he'd get him out.  And Damon will, even if takes a 100 years, he'll figure something out.   Stefan makes Damon promise to look after and protect Elena, to despell the moonstone and do whatever it takes.  It's not necessary to extract that promise, Damon would anyway, but you can see the understanding flicker between the brothers.

Stefan wants Damon with Elena if he can't be there.

Fine by me!

And that's a wrap -- Stefan is trapped with Katherine in the tomb, Matt wants Caroline,  Tyler and Caroline are bonding, Bonnie and Jeremy are off for now and Luka may have words for Miss Bennett at some point, Elijah seems to have more up his sleeve than just turning Elena over to Klaus and it's all on Damon to keep the "team" together and save Elena...and a full moon is coming.

By the Light of the Moon Preview

Tyler and Caroline Clip

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Okay, as Damon would say,  "Purge. Get it off your chest."   What did you think of The Sacrifice?

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  1. I'm really happy that Vampire Diaries is back on tv-FINALLY! Elena and Damon need to seriously hook up, they would make an awesome couple. Damon clearly deserves Elena way more than Stefan. I just wished Elena could muster up the strength to say "I LOVE you!" lol I can't wait for the next episode.