Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Five Fabulous Questions with Lynsay Sands

Hungry For You: An Argeneau Novel
Hungry for You
Lynsay Sands is the multi-talented author behind the Argeneau Vampire series and much, much more.  I've been hearing about Lynsay for years, but (and much to my own chagrin), I just hadn't picked up her books to read them.  So over the holidays, I received a gift card to Barnes and Noble and while I was out perusing the shelves, trying to decide what I would read in my "free time," I spotted those Lynsay Sands novels.

It seemed like the perfect time.  So I picked up Bite Me if You Can and A Bite to Remember.  While hardly the first books in the series, I read A Bite to Remember first and fell in love with Vincent, Jackie, Tiny, Christian, Marguerite and all the rest.  It was just that good a book. As soon as I finished it (roughly 1 a.m. in the morning), I snatched up Bite Me if You Can.  Imagine my surprise when crusty, grumpy old Lucian rapidly became my favorite character.  Just this passed weekend, I read the last of her books in the series that I hadn't (Born to Bite) and I found myself feeling a bit lost.  I was done. I've read all fourteen of the books currently available (and I think I'm counting short stories too).  So what's a girl to do?

She gets in touch with the author of course!  I dropped a note to the very busy lady and she graciously agreed to answer a few questions for my readers.  So check out the interview below and if you haven't read her Argeneau vampire series, what are you waiting for?

Five Fabulous Questions with Lynsay Sands

When you began writing the first Argeneau book, did you have any idea of the scope of the family and just how extensive it could be? Or did you meet them as they arrived on the scene?
Lord No. I had no idea how long I’d be writing them so I had no idea, barring the immediate family, of how extensive the Argeneau family tree would be or how big it will still get. And the characters introduce themselves into the story as I write them so we never really know who will be popping up in the next story.

Do you have to maintain an extensive family tree beyond what is published in the books in order to keep your family lines straight?
The Renegade Hunter: A Rogue Hunter Novel (Argeneau Rogue Hunter 3)
The Renegade Hunter

Actually my publisher isn’t putting a family tree in the latest books anymore. We are in the process of updating the family tree again. As for me, myself, I’m pretty good at remembering them, but definitely use a tree to double check facts.

Are you plotter or a pantser, and how do you choose which couple will be "next"? (i.e. do you put the single ladies and gentlemen into the hat and draw one out randomly?)

Oh, well I’m mostly a pantser, but I do have a loose plot in mind when I start. In fact, I have loose plots for four or five books ruminating in mind right now. They are very loose though because the characters usually ignore me and just do whatever the heck they want anyway (grimace).

How do you keep the stories fresh for yourself? As I have read each of these, I have found myself constantly amazed at how unique each pairing has been both in circumstance and personality, they each stand strongly on their own.

Well my sister likes to tease me and say it’s a healthy outlet for my multiple personalities, but I guess that’s what bratty sisters are for… LOL.

I guess I get inspiration for my stories from my daily experiences; news stories, history, family, friends, people I meet, things I see or do, etc. 

In real life, there are a lot of different personality types to choose from and that just naturally finds its way into my stories. I’d be bored to tears if they were all the same characters with different names too, so they each have their individual personality traits and quirks, their own careers, personal issues to resolve, humor (or lack thereof), naivety, experiences, etc. I enjoy it better that way myself.

Which was the easier pairing to write and which was the hardest? And why if you don't mind, because they all flow so naturally together - even the ones that fight from the beginning.

I can’t really think of any that was especially easy. Lucian was fun to play with. I do love taking a gruff, grumpy guy and dumping him in a situation he’s completely unprepared for. And they are never prepared for love. (grin)

But the hardest ones for me to write are those in which I have a female immortal paired with a male mortal. It’s hard because I don’t want the hero to come across as being weak, but obviously the heroine would be so much stronger physically. And I also don’t want the hero to come across as overbearing to make up for it either as that’s not something any woman wants. Well, at least not what I’d want… LOL. So I find that combination challenging at times.

Thanks to Lynsay Sands for taking the time to chat with me (and you) about her series.  Here's a list of her upcoming releases and if you're me, you "squee'd" when you saw who the December book was about:


  1. Oh, what a fab post and from one of my faves. I cut teeth on Lyndsay's vamps. This was my first venture into the paranormal world, and I've barely stepped out of it since.

  2. Bite Me If You Can was the first book I read by Lynsay Sands. I picked it up last winter. From page one I was hooked.

    Like you, I quickly snapped up every book I could find. I love the humor in her stories.

  3. What a treat!!! Thank you. I Love Lynsay Sands's novels!!!

  4. What fun! I love your work! I'm so glad to hear your sister teases you about your multiple personality disorder - it makes me feel so much better about all these characters talking through me. It's an odd experience!
    I understand what you mean about a heroine who is more powerful than the hero. It's tough for him to hold his own.

  5. Thanks Heather! And thank you Rachel, Jsnichols, Brenda and Julia too! Wow, what lovely comments. That will boost me up for writing the next one next month. (grin) Hope you continue to enjoy them.


  6. Wow! What a great post. Lynsay Sands is one of my favorites (I just love the Argeneau books and looking forward to #15 & #16 - yes, I've read them all). I've gotten other people hooked on her work, too. I just love the humor in the stories and hope I do as well in my own work!