Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something to Talk About...

Do you have something you love to talk about? For me it’s books, TV and my mini me. I talk about them all the time. Part of the reason I talk about them is that word of mouth is what can save a television series, renew a book series and encourage the person you’re talking about to do bigger and better things. My mother and grandmother used to always brag about me, not to me, but to other people. I remember being a struggling teenager, having all the angsty arguments that we have with our parents and yelling at my grandmother one day that she just didn’t support me or believe me.

She begged to differ.

She told me she was always talking about me, always telling other people how smart I was or how well I’d done or what new accomplishments I’d achieved. She was extremely proud of me and told everyone she knew.

Everyone. Except me.

It was a weird conversation because I never knew she thought all these things. I never knew what actually made her proud and what didn’t. So I like to sit and talk about all the things I love, the books I’m reading, the accomplishments of my friends and when I think a TV series got it right, but I do more than just tell everyone else.

I tell them.

I tell them because it’s important to me that they know I have these thoughts. It’s important to tell everyone else this because I want them to watch or read or applaud right alongside me.  I promise that if I am talking about it here, I am somewhere else telling that author, that writer, that actor and even that network (yes I have written to The CW with my thoughts and congratulations) the same things.

So do me a favor, if you have someone you know that you love what they have written or done or acted in? Are you really proud of an individual for their accomplishments? Then by all means, share it here, shout it loud.

But go that extra mile. Write that author a letter or an email. Send in a note to your favorite show. Sit your child, your friend, your spouse or your sibling down and tell them how proud you are.

Tell them so that they know someone really does have these great thoughts about them.

It will mean more than you know.

So tell me, who do you have something to talk about?

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