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Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Hybrid

Damon wants Elena to cool it.
Unfortunately due to severe discomfort our Vampire Diaries Post Mortem for episode 3x02: Hybrid is very late.  So late in fact that I am posting it just hours before episode 3x03 airs.  For that, please accept my most humble apologies.

While we're on the subject.  This week's post mortem will be a down and dirty quick review for three reasons:

  • Time constraints
  • TSTL Moments
  • Epic Last Scenes

Klaus and Stefan's Not So Excellent Hybrid Adventure

So Klaus wants to make a Hybrid army and he's not confiding all in his new BFF Stefan.   As big of a nutball as I think Klaus is, that makes me laugh.  For once, the big evil villain isn't caring and sharing all his plans.  He doesn't trust Stefan yet (and he's right not too).  In other news, gotta love the graveyard humor of Klaus looking at all his dead pseudo-hybrids and sulking that it wasn't working.  He did the sacrifice, did everything he was supposed to do and he can't make any new 'comrades.'    They told him it would.

Who are they?

It's those tiny little throwaway lines that get me, every time.

Oh and I'm sure Elena being not so dead is why Klaus can't make hybrids and kudos to Damon for wanting Elena to stay off Klaus' radar.  Too bad Elena took a big ol' swallow of stupid this season.

Stefan saves Damon this time around and the brothers share a sweet little moment before Damon hares off to get Elena the hell out of there.

Jeremy and Matt's Two and a Half Sense

Hey Matt, Jeremy is seeing your dead sister.  Hey Jeremy, you died, but your girlfriend the witch brought you back and you're seeing your dead exes and you don't tell her because:

"We don't need a witch, okay there's examples all over the Internet."  - Jeremy Gilbert

Dear Jeremy,

Unless you are vetting your resources correctly, your Internet solutions are questionable at best.  If you plan to graduate before you die again, please work on your research skills.

Vicki wants to come back, Anna doesn't want Jeremy to help her.  Hey Jer,  Anna was never quite the self-involved narcisstic loser that Vicki was, so bets on Anna.

Alaric and Elena Walking in the Woods

"How do you feel about a little hike to the smokey mountains?" - Elena to Alaric
"You want to hunt down a pack of werewolves on a full moon?" - Alaric to Elena
"We'll be out of there before the moon is 'full'.  If you don't come with me, I'm going by myself." - Elena

Dear Elena,

You are human. You are fragile. You can die really easily. I know you think that going into houses loaded with vampires and mountains full of werewolves is heroic, but no…it's just stupid.   

P.S.  Guilting Alaric into going with you may have sounded like a great idea in your head, giving the man a 'cause' and all that…but really? 

Now, I'd give Alaric a TSTL this time around EXCEPT, he did the most awesome of clueing Damon into Elena's little Girl Scout romp through the woods which lead to my FAVORITE scene of the night. 

Okay, second favorite which was Damon tossing Elena's happy ass in the water and calling her on her crap.  I love that Alaric tipped Damon off and that he had no problem with Damon taking the hard line with Elena.  And later, in the woods, when Elena came face to face with the werewolf, Damon saved her ass.


At considerable risk to his own.   One must wonder how thick Elena has to be to realize that Damon has put his undead life on the line for her repeatedly.  But more on this in just a minute.

Tyler Lockwood Takes Mommy to School

Turns out Tyler has grown up, a lot since last season, particularly where his friends are concerned.  Matt and Tyler are looking for a way to bridge the gap and Tyler can taste vervaine.  It takes him all of thirty seconds to put one and two together to figure out that Mama Lockwood did something bad with Caroline.

He confronts his mother, drags her to the tomb, locks her in the cell and makes her spend the night watching him transform into a werewolf.  Nothing says Monster Loving like baying at the moon.  You go Tyler.  

Now, Mrs. Lockwood? Where is Caroline?

Welcome HRG to Mystic Falls

I was really excited when I heard that Jack Coleman was going to be guesting on The Vampire Diaries and I rather hoped he would be related to Caroline.  Well, not only is Coleman the "Bill,"  that Carol Lockwood turned her vampire problem over too, he's also Caroline's oft-mentioned, but never seen daddy.  Turns out Bill Forbes, like all his contemporaries, was brought up the vampire hating way and his little girl's fate is in his hands.

She Finally Chose Damon, First

And all of this brings us to the last few moments of the episode, the killer scene that brought all of it together and almost redeemed those TSTL moments.  The moment when Damon came into Elena's bedroom and demanded that she tell him why after months of insisting that they chase Stefan, throwing her own life on the line and taking fooling risks, why did she urge them out of the mountains?

Her answer:  Damon.   To keep him safe.

She almost lost him once to a werewolf bite and finally, finally she admits she is not willing to do so.  Damon smiled and told her to remember this when they did get Stefan back (and they will),  he wants her to remember every single one of these feelings.   

Then he walked out, leaving a bemused Alaric to ask Elena if she has any idea what she's doing.

She says no, but then we knew that.

Elena chose Damon over Stefan for the first time.

And it was about damn time too.

What was your favorite moment?

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  1. We have a new line around our house... Every time Caroline gets kidnapped, mauled, tortured etc...
    Oh, mah god!! They killed Kenny!"
    She has kind of become the handy whipping boy for the writers. I am wondering how long she can be sweet with them constantly traumatizing her...

    Also, agreed on the bout time on Damon. Finally, this season, they are giving him the chance to make some serious headway on the Elana situation. However, as you said, since she is TSTL this season, I half hope that he washes his hands of her daft butt and finds someone as cool as he is. The writers are really ruining her for us. :)