Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Disturbing Behavior

Damon gets a bad rap

We're back in Mystic Falls and Damon is hovering around Elena.  It's actually rather cute, Elena's making chili from her family recipe and Damon is giving her crap that he's had the Gilbert family recipe.  It wasn't that good.  He's bored by the idea of a Founder's event because he knows it's just an excuse for the council to get together.  He's also concerned about Elena, he's waiting for her to break after Stefan's harsh words in the last episode. 

Alaric, Bonnie and Caroline are all concerned about the obvious affection building between the two.  After all, it used to just be Damon pursuing Elena, but Elena appears to be reciprocating and Caroline doesn't think she should.  To be fair, Caroline's experiences with Damon in first season were not good and she's definitely justified in her opinion.

The Big Bad Witch

Gloria is stymied without Rebecca's necklace, so she is casting spells to locate it. One spell causes the necklace to burn Elena badly.  Bonnie and Caroline are there to help.  Later Gloria grabs Stefan and tortures him, using his blood to find the answers.  She knows Stefan knows.

When she realizes the doppelganger is still alive, she thinks she has the solution to Klaus' problems.  But no worries, here comes Katherine who takes care of Gloria.  Stefan and Katherine clean up the mess and hope Klaus is none the wiser and Stefan continues to rebuff Katherine's offers of help.

Papa Don't Preach

Mama Forbes takes Damon to where she has Bill strapped to the chair he was torturing Caroline in. They've given enough time for the vervain to get out of his system. She wants Damon to compel him to forget.  He takes a bite to make sure and then does his compel thing.

Bill Forbes can't be compelled
Unfortunately, Bill shows up during the party at the Lockwoods and it's clear, he remembers everything.  Apparently he is compel resistant.  He insists it's a method he learned, but I have to wonder if he knows how to condition out a vampiric reaction because he is a vampire.

Needless to say, Damon is hostile. Bill could turn the whole town against them.  Liz and Carol are shocked, but Damon finds Elena and Alaric to warn them, then says he'll take care of it.

When Alaric tries to stop him, immediately assuming that Damon is going to kill Bill, Damon checks the ring on Alaric's finger before snapping his neck.  I know some peope found that moment shocking, but let's be blunt, Damon's not as wildly impulsive as everyone thinks he is. Nine times out of ten, his intiial reactions have been right. 

Bill is a threat to all of them, especially Caroline, they have enough problems without that wild card out there.

Unfortunately, even as Damon attacks Bill, Caroline comes in with Elena and Caroline fights Damon off.  Case in point, if Damon really wanted Bill dead, no amount of anger on Caroline's part would have made her stronger than Damon. He let her win.

Alone, Elena pleads with Damon to not be the man everyone thinks he is. Damon retorts that he isn't Stefan and never will be before walking out.   It's important to note here that Elena wasn't taking Damon's methods to task, she knows who Damon is and she accepts it.  She just doesn't want him to give her friends reasons to hate him.
Elena wants Damon

She really is on that long, slow slide into love with him.  (Insert Squee here).


Caroline tells her father that it will be all right, but he says that it will never be now that she is a vampire and he gets in his car to drive away. 

In the meanwhile, Jeremy finally comes clean to Bonnie about seeing Anna and Vicki.  At the Mystic Grill, Bonnie tells Faux Elena (Katherine) about what Jeremy has been seeing when Elena asks for her necklace back.  Bonnie glances away and is startled when she realizes that Elena and the necklace or gone.  Cue the ominous music.

Next stop for Katherine: Damon.  She invites him to come with her and Damon, in a bad mood after Alaric stomped out on him decides to accept.  Meanwhile, Alaric informs Liz and Carol that he is taking the Gilbert seat on the Founder's Council, particularly since their children compromise them.

Klaus Knows

Klaus is annoyed as hell that Gloria's gone missing, but both Rebecca and Klaus are suspicious of Stefan.  When Stefan asks Rebecca about the man who was searching for them, Klaus turns on Stefan, knocking him out.  When Stefan awakes, they are back in Mystic Falls where Klaus is determined to get the truth.

 Next up: The Reckoning.

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