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Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: The End of the Affair

Rebecca and Stefan circa 1920

Here we go, it's a mad race of recapping, dissecting and debating and we have a lot to talk about.  So hang in there with me, I've had all these thoughts in my head colliding while writing, while editing, while trying to go to sleep at night and I apologize for the delays.

Nobody Does It Better

The End of the Affair was all about the flashback and no one does it better than The Vampire Diaries.   While I admit to finding Klaus tiresome, Joseph Morgan does a great job of getting me engaged in the character during this episode.  We head back to the 1920s in Chicago where a dapper, tuxedoed Stefan and Klaus are living it up in a speak easy.  It seems that Klaus and Stefan had a history long before Klaus made an appearance in Mystic Falls and sixty years after his turn, Stefan's still a ripper.  A violent killer who enjoys documenting the names of all his kills, which thanks to Damon taking her to Stefan's old apartment, she gets a first hand look at the endless list of names written on the wall.

Oh, and note to the producers, why didn't Klaus 'hear' Elena in that closet? She was breathing pretty hard and I am sure her heartbeat was racing.  It was a great tense moment where Stefan had to get Klaus out of there without revealing Elena's presence, but I digress.

During their 1920s run, Stefan was arm candy for Rebecca, who it turns out is Klaus' sister and the only relative still on his side.  Klaus is a needy bastard, though, when someone starts firing wooden bullets in the speak easy, Klaus and Rebecca are sure that he is here.  And big, bad Klaus bolts.  


He doesn't take them out, because what are a few measly hunters to an Original? No, he runs like a little girl.  He wipes Stefan's mind, grabs Rebecca and takes off. Only Rebecca doesn't want to go, so Klaus stakes her when she chooses Stefan over him (remember when I said needy?).  Back inside, Balthazar (I mean Sebastian Roche's character) shows up and questions Stefan about Klaus and Rebecca, but Stefan has no idea whom they are, but he does have Rebecca's necklace.

FYI: It's the necklace that he kept as a family heirloom for decades before giving to Elena. 

And in a blink and you'll miss it, following Sebastian Roche's hunter inside was Katherine.  We knew she'd be back.

Road Trip

Damon and Elena head to Chicago.  I love how Damon was lying in Elena's bed to tell her the news and she actually started to cuddle him before she woke up.  I also love tat it was Katherine's phone call that told Damon where Stefan was.  Katherine is trailing after her paramour and keeping an eye on them.
Katherine calls Damon

In Chicago, Elena finds Stefan's journals that detail his journey from ripper to brooding teen thanks to Lexi.  Damon tracks Stefan down to Gloria's bar.  Gloria is a witch, a really old witch who uses her magic to slow her aging. 

Klaus wants to know why his hybrids aren't turning and Gloria says she has to contact the original witch (one must wonder if that original witch is Nina Dobrev's next role on the show) particularly because Rebecca's necklace belonged to that witch.  But anyway, I digress.

Since Gloria needs the necklace, Klaus goes back to his big 18 wheeler with all the coffins (man is it weird that he drags his family around that way?) and pulled out the ashwood dagger from Rebecca's chest. (Note: originals can apparently kill other originals with the dagger because Klaus had no trouble with it).  Anyway, he leaves a guard inside for her to feast on when she wakes up.

While waiting for Rebecca, Klaus and Stefan are hanging at Gloria's.  Damon heads inside to distract Klaus so Elena can talk to Stefan.  Stefan dismisses her and tells her he doesn't want her, he doesn't want to see her and he wants her to go away.  It was kind of sad, but I am ready for her to move on.

Back at the Ranch

Caroline's daddy figures out Caroline's ring lets her be in the sun and begins to torture her, burning her whenever she fangs out at the sight of blood.  It's an interest, if twisted, take on conditioning therapy and makes me wonder where Bill learned it and if Bill doesn't have a fangy secret or two of his own. 

Tyler gets Mama Forbes on the line and she knows where Bill would have taken her.  Once there, she puts a gun on Bill and Tyler rushes in to rescue the shaken and pained Caroline.  It was a sweet moment.  I love that she Mama Forbes didn't hesitate to pull the trigger when Bill said she wouldn't shoot him.  She didn't kill him, but she wasn't kidding.

At home, Tyler tucks Caroline into bed and holds her while she sobs.  He asks her if she wants him to kill her dad in such a sweet, earnest voice. When Caroline tearfully declines that she bought him the shirt and she wouldn't want it ruined, Tyler just cradled her. 

Good stuff.

Back in Chicago

Damon takes a dispirited and sad Elena home while Klaus and Stefan greet the newly arisen Rebecca.

So much going on.

So much to follow up on.

Next episode: Disturbing Behavior.

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