Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Once Upon a Time - Love, Romance and Fantasy

Regina wants Emma gone
Once Upon a Time is one of those series that seems tailor made for me.  It's got fantasy, romance and fairy tales.  What more could I ask for?  I chatted about it over in my Reel Vixen blog after seeing the pilot, but three episodes in and I am even more in love with the show than I was when it started.  

Fresh Twists

The biggest selling point for me is the fresh twists on the old fairytales.  I'll be honest, Snow White is not my favorite story and I wasn't thrilled with the idea that Snow was going to be a central heroine for this, but after Sunday's 'look' at how Snow White and her Prince Charming met, I was completely hooked.  I cannot wait to find out what it was that Snow did that "ruined" the Wicked Queen's happiness.

Great Characters

Saving Emma
In the meanwhile, James has woken up from his coma but is apparently married to the fiance he threw over for Snow which is heart breaking for Mary Margaret.  Emma is getting caught up in the mystical, fairytale quality of it all as Henry pulls her deeper into his belief that Storybrooke is home to all the fairy tale characters and people, ripped from their own world by the Wicked Queen's spell.

Last week's story of how the Wicked Queen pulled off the spell, by sacrificing the one person she truly loved: her father (also named Henry) was heartbreaking.

We know the Sheriff is someone and I gotta wonder if he's the Huntsman. Next week we get to see Cinderella and I've heard rumors that Belle and Gaston are on their way.

And while the prophecy says that Emma will be the one to break the curse, I have to wonder if that's because she had Henry and Henry can still believe in Happily Ever After.

So much to love and so much more I want to know.   What's your favorite part of Once Upon a Time?

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  1. Really? I was really psyched as I too love fantasy, romance, and obsess about fairy tales and their retellings. Maybe the problem was somewhere back there, but I found it wooden and insipid. The bare bones of what fairy tales I saw used were so far away from the actual tales, I wasn't sure why it was called a retelling of anything. It read like a soap opera.

    But, as I really trust this site, I'll give it another go. Maybe I just bailed too quickly.