Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daily Dose Holiday Giveaway: What Waltz Is This?

ETA: This giveaway is now closed. Winning nomination: Laurie

The best part of the Daily Dose Holiday Giveaway is the wonderful fun and caring spirit the authors share when they volunteer books, gift cards and other prizes.  Every year I host this giveaway and every year the authors I know find something great to share.  Today's giveaway comes from the truly fantabulous Dakota Cassidy.  I had the pleasure of meeting Dakota a few years ago and she is one fun and funny lady.

She was among the first to volunteer this time around and she's got a great giveaway for you, an ARC of her soon to be released Waltz This Way.  Why is this so awesome? Well it's by Dakota darling, that's one reason, but the second is this book isn't due out until March of 2012, which means your lucky gift nominee will have a chance to read it a full three months ahead of time.  

Waltz This Way

Waltz This Way

In her new novel, national bestselling author of Burning Down the Spouse, Dakota Cassidy takes on life, love, and championship ballroom dancing. Get ready to rumba.

Left without a partner...

When former ballroom champion Melina Cherkasov found out that her famous husband was cheating, she was devastated, especially since she was informed by a sleazy reporter on national TV. Thanks to an ironclad prenup and a scumbag ex, Melina has to pack up her dog and her dignity and take refuge in her dad's retirement community in New Jersey.'s time to take the lead.

To make ends meet, Melina puts her dancing shoes to use as an instructor at Westmeyer-a private school for boy geniuses. Teaching a bunch of hormonal teenagers to waltz is trying, but the school's sexy handyman provides ample distraction. Drew McPhee is perfect, except for one thing: He doesn't like dancing. Thankfully, the finesse Drew lacks on the floor is more than made up for by his skills in the bedroom. And after one steamy night, the ballroom diva is the one getting swept off her feet...

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to give someone you love a fun, sexy (and I'm sure just a bit snarky) read.  I almost wish I could nominate myself! 

Holiday Giveaway Rules

Don't forget the rules.  For a chance to win: 

1. Nominate the person you want to send that day’s gift to and a short reason as to why.
2. For an extra entry, spread the word about this giveaway: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. - leave a link in the comments.
3. Leave your email with your comment ONLY IF it is NOT part of your profile.
4. This giveaway is open to everyone for nominations, however you cannot enter yourself.
5. You may only win one gift to send.
6. Giveaways begin November 25 and run through December 16.

Remember all giveaways are open for 72 hours!  Now get nominating!

Keep up with Dakota Cassidy by visiting her website, she's so worth the trip!


  1. Again, I nominate my sister. I think she would enjoy this book!
    Tweeted here!/samk52/status/142271857490526208 and posted on Facebook

  2. I'd like to nominate my friend Chloe because this sounds like something she'll enjoy reading!

  3. My sister Ann would love reading this. I just know it.


  4. I think my friend Sue who is going through a divorce would love this book. Thanks lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. I would nominate my friend Keeshe. I have a feeling that she would enjoy this.

    Raonaid @ gmail dot com!/RaonaidLuckwell/posts/137467906362073

  6. Attempt three.....
    I want to nominate my friend Marnie W. She is made of awesome and sends me special packages from New York and goes on hunts for my special requests.... and then she can share it with Stacey because she is made of awesome too.
    hockeyvampiress at hotmail dot com!/Hockeyvampiress

  7. I would love to nominate my daughter, Sommer, for this book. Thanks to writers like Dakota, who keep a sense of humor and fun in their storyline, my daughter is now becoming eager to read, which is something that is very difficult for her as she has Dyslexia, and it is a severe case. I am so happy that I have a daughter that is growing fond of my favorite pastime, reading. Can't think of anything better than bonding over discussions on books we will read in tandem, at our own pace, during inappropriate outbursts of laughter, of course. Keep up the good work hon - you CAN do it!!


  8. I have 2 best friends that would love this but if I have to choose I'd say Dennie she gets more time to read and this sounds like something she would love.

  9. My friend Kate is the one who recommended Dakota Cassidy to me, so I think it's fitting that I should nominate her to get to read this book early!

  10. I nominate my Sister from a different Mother, Candy. I want her to love Dakota as much as I do and I love Dakota and her books! I tweeted but I don't know how to show that.

    goaliemom00 at cox dot net

  11. I'd like to nominate my daughter-in-law Marisela. She loves to read as much as I do and most of the same books as I do. We not only have my son in common but the books also. She's become my best friend as well as a much loved member of our family. I know she'll love the way Dakota writes because we've discussed her other books. When I let her read "You Dropped A Blonde On Me", she called me reading parts to me as she was cracking up. Thank you for this opportunity to show her that Dakota has a wicked sense of humor in all her books. As always Dakota you make all of want to never leave the worlds you create.

  12. I would like to nominate my sister. She really needs a pick-me-up and I know she'd love the book because I know what she likes. She is a book lover like me. Thanks for the holiday giveaway! What fun :-)
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  13. i'd like to nominate my un-biological sister, Ri...she's a huge book lover like me and i'm always looking out for cool and different authors for her!

    tweeted this, i did ;)


  14. I would like to nominate my daughter, Jaclyn. She is an avid reader and loves Dakota.

    I have shared this on facebook and twitter using your links.

  15. I would like to nominate my friend roseanne she's had some trying times recently n I think she would absolutely LOVE DAKOTA'S. Witty fun humor... hoping to bring some joy back into her life

  16. I would nominate my Daughter Samantha. I've got her hooked on DC's books but I will not loan her mine, because, well, I'm anal that way!

    I've posted on FB.

  17. Giving you one more day to nominate because I know so many are out doing their holiday shopping. Giveaway closes at 5 a.m. Monday

  18. i want to nominate this book to my friend : nurmawati, she never win any giveaway or contest, so i hope now i can share my luck to her and this will be a fabulous christmas gift;)

    she will be so very happy ;)

  19. Giveaway closed, winner to be announced shortly.

  20. The winner drawn for Dakota's lovely giveaway is Laurie, will be in touch soon Laurie and thank you everyone for nominating.