Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let's Play a Game - Win a Copy of Fevered Hearts #2

With edits in full swing on Brave are the Lonely, the second Fevered Hearts novel, I thought I'd host a little contest.  This is open to anyone to enter and will remain open through February 14.  That's right, a little Valentine's Day for all my Fevered Hearts fans.   So what do you have to do?  It's simple, answer a few questions about Marshal of Hel Dorado.  The more questions you answer, the more opportunities you have to enter the contest.

Every correct answer counts as one entry for that person, you can only enter once and those who answer questions correctly "first" get a bonus entry that makes it a little more fair for those who come along later.  But let's have some fun with this, shall we?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: The Ties That Bind

Okay, I am going to commit a little bit of  Post Mortem Faux Paus this week.  Typically, I like to recap it, run you through the episode, a sort of play by play of the wild (and yes, snarky) thoughts that go through my head while I am indulging in my absolute favorite show.  Yes, that jury is in (in case there was ever any doubt), The Vampire Diaries is one of the best television shows I have ever watched, I am totally addicted, I literally schedule my Thursdays around it and you better have blood or bone showing if you call me when it's on.

Our Vampire Diaries Anonymous meeting is now in session.  My name is Heather and I'm a Damonaholic. Thankfully, I love just about everything on this show so I even like the bits that Damon doesn't appear in.  

So if you're wondering what's so different about this post mortem from all my others, click the link and come on down.  All those of you who don't want to be spoiled, this is where you get off.  Everyone else, let's go.

Witchcraft 101 Workshop - Registration Closes Soon

Hey folks, just a quick note because I have my much longer Vampire Diaries Post Mortem to write later today.  Lots of stuff going on behind the scenes at the moment, new contracts, new books and new teasers.  Be sure to swing by my Facebook author page for a teaser from one of my two soon to be released books.  There's still time to vote for which one you'd like to see.

Also, we have just a couple of days left for you to sign up for the Deborah Blake Witchcraft 101 class.  Deborah is an amazing teacher and she's got a lot of great information.  Whether you're a writer, a seeker who's curious about Wicca or you just want to learn something new, this would be a great class to check out.

Registration will close Sunday evening at 6 p.m. EST.   So be sure to sign up before then.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winner: Melissa Schroeder Giveaway

This is going to be a quick announcement.

The winner of an ecopy of CALLUM by Melissa Schroeder is......


Congratulations Elaine!!

I have your email and as soon as I get ARCs I'll send it your way.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway: Melissa Schroeder

Hi! Big thanks to Heather for letting me pop in today to talk about my upcoming release, The Cursed Clan: Callum. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Melissa Schroeder and I write in anything from historical to futuristic and from sensual to erotic.

With such a wide variety of genres, I guess you can suspect that I have a lot of setting I place . I am best known for my Harmless Series which is mainly set in Hawaii. So, when I decided to write a contemporary paranormal, I wanted something a little different. Hawaii is such a sexy and sultry place, filled with tropical plants and beautiful beaches.  I lived there for three years, and I think that having an erotic series set there is perfect. The islands are exotic and I do have an appreciation for the Hawaiian people.

But for The Cursed Clan, I wanted something different. I have had a love affair from afar with Scotland. I have wanted to go for years. There is something mystical about it and the Scots themselves. I am a lover of dark, dreary and mysterious places and this made a perfect backdrop for the series. I have a feeling it will be as perfect for me as it is for Callum Lennon and his cousins. They have spent most of their lives there trying to solve the curse that has haunted the Clan for years. Thankfully, they have found a diary that holds the key to possibly break their curse, and an expert, Dr. Phoebe Chilton is hired to help. Sparks fly immediately between Phoebe and Callum, but both of them are keeping secrets…some deadly enough to kill.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Our Town

After last week's thoroughly satisfying kiss it was hard to imagine what the follow up would be, but welcome back to Vampire Diaries Our Town as the war between Klaus and Stefan heats up and everyone in Mystic Falls is caught in the crossfire.

If You Think You're Sexy... better be Damon smiling in the shower.  Seriously, Vampire Diaries gods, I can die happy now. He looked so damn relaxed and pleased with the world.  In nearly sixty episodes, I don't think I've ever seen Damon look so happy.  Contrast his pleasure with Elena's fierce workout and you have the fallout form that epic kiss.  Neither one can stop thinking about it: Damon with satisfaction and Elena with frustration.  Yes, this absolutely bodes well for my Delena heart and I need this sustenance, particularly as the suspense, the danger and the pain begin to escalate for the next hour.

Breaking It To Bonnie

Last week, Elena asked Damon to help her get Jeremy out of this mess and compel him out of Mystic Falls. This week, she breaks the bad news to Bonnie.  Insert judgy little Bonnie moments here.  Bonnie is appalled that Elena would take Jeremy's 'choice' away from him.  I can see her point, but only in a minor way.  Jeremy was on the fast track to death and let's face it, first season Bonnie wanted her 'choice' to remember to be gone too.  She almost gave up her friendship with Elena over being tied up in vampire matters.  Her anger with Elena continues throughout the episode.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Voices in My Head Talk to Me

I know what you're thinking.  The voices in my head are talking to me and that's probably not a good thing, but I've had voices chattering away at me for years and they've all been dying to tell me their stories. Some are loud, some whisper, some butt into others stories and give advice and still others just sit there, waiting patiently for me to notice them -- my little mental wallflowers.  These little gems are often the source of the best material, but you have to let your mind get quiet for them to even attempt a conversation...

Yes, this is exactly how my brain works and people wonder why I write.  

So, what do your voices say to you?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Am a Research Junkie

I am a research junkie. I freely admit that I can pull up a browser, type in a key phrase about something I want to know, let's say -- recipes for low fat chili cheese dogs - and Google will return something like one million results.  One million.   Most of the first page will include recipes, videos and suggestions that are all related to chili cheese dogs (some low fat, some not) and this is precisely what I'm searching for, I can get the info I need and get back to work.

Now let's say the topic of wine comes up and I am recalling a wine I've enjoyed before, but can quite remember how to spell so I look up "Chauteanif-du-Pape" - fortunately,Google is really smart and figures out that I actually meant "Chateauneuf-du-Pape"and immediately presents me with over three million results.

The first page offers up enough information that I can confirm the spelling and the type of wine it is and then it mentions the Avignon Papacy and the split from Rome and the power of the French kings and the cultivation of wine...

Three hours later, I remember that I need to get that spelling correct and drop it into my story, but now I have information for future stories which I must jot down.

Yes, Google is one my favorite tools and my biggest time sinks.  I'm a research junkie!  How about you?

Oh -- and if you want to see something funny...go type the word 'askew' into your Google search.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Wolf Moon: Fevered Hearts Sneak Peek

The Wolf Moon was the name given by Native Americans to a full moon that occurs in January.  They chose the name because they heard hungry wolf packs howl outside the villages. Tonight is the first full moon of the year and it's January, so to honor our wolf moon, I thought I'd share a little excerpt from Brave Are the Lonely, the upcoming second book in the Fevered Hearts series featuring one of my favorite wolves.

Brave Are the Lonely
Fevered Hearts #2

When the spirit fever struck a town, a village or an outpost, it left few if any survivors. The white man blamed the Indian saying they used their mojo on them.  The Indians blamed the white man for angering the spirits.  The survivors knew it didn't matter.  The Fevered were forever changed 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Changes, Books and Other Plans

Well, not precisely off the grid.  I am off to a board meeting for my local RWA chapter.  I have really enjoyed the last two years of activity in my local chapters, having made the leap to get involved again in 2009 and met some truly terrific writers and friends.  Now it's my turn to give back.  Please excuse our dust as we retool and redesign the blog for a bigger and brighter 2012.

Many of my favorite features will remain, chatty guest blogs, excerpts, Vampire Diaries, upcoming releases, crazy interviews and did I mention Vampire Diaries?  Absolutely.

Last night, I dropped in at Jaye Wells' signing for her recently released Silver-Tongued Devil.  I can't wait to read this novel, it's sitting on my precariously high TBR pile, but very close to the top.

What are you reading?  And what's calling to you like a siren from your TBR pile?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: The New Deal

"I can...but then someone's getting naked..."
First let me welcome back The Vampire Diaries, all the previews promised an epic return and my hat is off to cast, crew and writers...boy howdy did you deliver and then some!

Previously on The Vampire Diaries

Check out our post mortem on Homecoming if you need a catch up, because we're diving into this episode full tilt.

The beginning opens with Bonnie venturing into the house of the dead 100 witches.  They haven't spoken to her since she resurrected Jeremy, so the whispers beckoned her on and she took the long, creepy walk down the stairs until she came across the coffins. Opening one, she found Klaus sleeping (or dead), his mother's necklace wrapped around his fingers.

A sound behind her startles her and Bonnie jerks awake.  Remember Klaus in the coffin and the necklace, I have a feeling this plays a huge part later this season.

Coffin Chat

We see a lot more of the coffins through the episode, so let's just get the chat about the coffins out of the way right now. There are four coffins in the witch house. Four coffins that Stefan stole.  But there were five coffins back when Klaus woke up Rebecca.  So we can presume he didn't take Rebecca's empty coffin.  That leaves coffins for:

Elijah - Daggered at the end of season 2
Kol - Cast and will be seen soon
Finn - Also cast and will be seen soon
And behind coffin number 4?

My money is on Mama or the original that Elena and Katherine are a doppelganger of, I would bet more money on Mama.  Klaus 'killed' his mother.  But we all know Klaus is a narcisstic psychopath with delusions of affection for his family.  Who else carts around their corpses for the day he deems to wake them?  What if he tried to turn his mother ... it would explain the Original Witch's powerful hold from the other side.  It would also mean that necklace Rebecca is wearing is the key to opening the magically locked casket.

Just saying!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Homecoming

Previously on the Vampire Diaries, Damon cooked up a plan, Elena put her faith in Damon and a dagger in Rebkah, Big Bad Daddy Mikael made baby boy Klaus cry and Katherine had the last laugh, but that’s  just the icing on the cake to a winter finale that left fans (especially me) dying for what will happen next in Mystic Falls.

Luring Klaus Out of Hiding

With Stefan on board with the plan to get Klaus back, he calls Klaus and tells him his father is dead.  The interesting thing about that entire conversation, Mikael was laying there daggered at their feet courtesy of Elena (who is getting damn good at this daggering thing) so that Stefan could honestly say he was telling Klaus the truth and completely circumvent the compulsion (gotta love loopholes!).

During the planning session, Mikael gives Elena, Damon and Stefan a most telling piece of advice “Klaus will leave nothing to chance, especially when it comes to trust.”

The plan, of course, works and Klaus wants to see the body and he wants to talk to Rebekah.  Will she or won’t she back their play? After all, her love for Niklaus may be twisted, but he is her brother…fortunately, Rebekah’s still angry about Nik abandoning her and killing her mother, so she plays along.

But for how long?