Saturday, January 14, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway: Melissa Schroeder

Hi! Big thanks to Heather for letting me pop in today to talk about my upcoming release, The Cursed Clan: Callum. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Melissa Schroeder and I write in anything from historical to futuristic and from sensual to erotic.

With such a wide variety of genres, I guess you can suspect that I have a lot of setting I place . I am best known for my Harmless Series which is mainly set in Hawaii. So, when I decided to write a contemporary paranormal, I wanted something a little different. Hawaii is such a sexy and sultry place, filled with tropical plants and beautiful beaches.  I lived there for three years, and I think that having an erotic series set there is perfect. The islands are exotic and I do have an appreciation for the Hawaiian people.

But for The Cursed Clan, I wanted something different. I have had a love affair from afar with Scotland. I have wanted to go for years. There is something mystical about it and the Scots themselves. I am a lover of dark, dreary and mysterious places and this made a perfect backdrop for the series. I have a feeling it will be as perfect for me as it is for Callum Lennon and his cousins. They have spent most of their lives there trying to solve the curse that has haunted the Clan for years. Thankfully, they have found a diary that holds the key to possibly break their curse, and an expert, Dr. Phoebe Chilton is hired to help. Sparks fly immediately between Phoebe and Callum, but both of them are keeping secrets…some deadly enough to kill.  

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Here is a little tidbit from the book.
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“I protect what is mine. I’ll not allow you to use Angus.”

She moved away from the counter, her body tense with anger. “I have never used another person, especially in that way. You’ve convinced yourself that I decided to somehow use my considerable wiles on your cousin to somehow gain who knows what.”

When she said it like that, he felt juvenile and petty.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lennon. I’ll avoid your cousins from now on.”

Which is what he wanted, but at the same time he felt like the lowest form of scum even if it was the best choice. The diary could hold their secrets, and the less she connected to them, the better. They just needed it translated, and for her to leave. As soon as that happened, he would be free of this affliction, he was sure.

“I’ll do my work and take my meals in my room.”

He heard the hurt in her voice. His need to banish Phoebe was as unexplainable as the need to ease her pain. She attempted to brush past him, but he stepped in front of her, blocking her one exit.

“I didn’t say you needed to avoid my cousins.” It was what he wanted, needed, but here he was contradicting his own thoughts, again.

When she looked at him, there was no humor in her gaze, no studied interest as he’d seen before. Now, all he saw was loneliness and he ached.

“No. I’ll finish my task and leave. I know you must have a very good reason, although I can’t understand what it could be. I will respect your wishes.”

Again, she tried to move past him, but he refused to budge. That same fresh scent of her reached his senses, seducing him.  Even as he was reaching for her, his mind was screaming stop. He ignored it, and every other protective instinct. The only thing roaring through his head was to take, to claim.

“It isna my family that has me worried, lass.” The moment he wrapped his hand around her upper arm, her head shot up, surprise lighting her eyes her mouth falling open in surprise. “It seems being around you is no’ good for my peace of mind.”

He jerked her against him. She gasped, the sound filled with both fear and excitement. Arousal spiked and his body craved—demanded—more intimate contact. Knowing it was wrong, even knowing it was dangerous, he bent his head and took possession of her luscious mouth.
Melissa is giving away an eCopy of CALLUM to one lucky commenter. Just answer one simple question to be entered to win.

If you could visit Scotland would you travel back in time to the untamed wild or visit the present?

Giveaway will stay open through the weekend. A winner will be chosen and announced Monday.


  1. While I really enjoy reading about the untamed Scotland I am a person who enjoys my creature comforts so I would choose present day. My idea of roughing it has always been a hotel without a restaurant. I love the cover of this book and I would love to read it.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  2. I would travel back in time to see how life use to be back in the old days.

  3. I'm with Linda.I need the creature comforts of today.So I would visit present day Scotland.
    Looking forward to reading Callum and his cousins stories.

  4. While I'd love to see I would love to live it. I like indoor plumbing and heating-lol.
    I so want to read this!

  5. I would like to split my travel and see both times. I would like to experience what it was like when things weren't as easy as now, and maybe get a chance to bring a message back to ancestors of those currently living.

    1. Oops! Forgot to add my email......

  6. I have a thing for Scotland too. I've been there once for a short vacation a long time ago. I've been to Edinburgh for a few days, beautiful city with a beautiful castle, and I went to the highlands for a day and a half (defenitely not enough time). I'd love to go to Scotland again someday for a longer vacation.
    I can't wait to read about Callum and the rest of the Lennon Clan.