Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Am a Research Junkie

I am a research junkie. I freely admit that I can pull up a browser, type in a key phrase about something I want to know, let's say -- recipes for low fat chili cheese dogs - and Google will return something like one million results.  One million.   Most of the first page will include recipes, videos and suggestions that are all related to chili cheese dogs (some low fat, some not) and this is precisely what I'm searching for, I can get the info I need and get back to work.

Now let's say the topic of wine comes up and I am recalling a wine I've enjoyed before, but can quite remember how to spell so I look up "Chauteanif-du-Pape" - fortunately,Google is really smart and figures out that I actually meant "Chateauneuf-du-Pape"and immediately presents me with over three million results.

The first page offers up enough information that I can confirm the spelling and the type of wine it is and then it mentions the Avignon Papacy and the split from Rome and the power of the French kings and the cultivation of wine...

Three hours later, I remember that I need to get that spelling correct and drop it into my story, but now I have information for future stories which I must jot down.

Yes, Google is one my favorite tools and my biggest time sinks.  I'm a research junkie!  How about you?

Oh -- and if you want to see something funny...go type the word 'askew' into your Google search.



  1. I think a lot of human beings, myself included, are "research junkies."

  2. Maybe so, Anthony. Maybe so. Some days it's a real problem for me. It's one of the biggest reasons that when I am 'writing' I can't open Google at all. I just take a note that says 'check this later' because time melts away once I start digging.

  3. Hahaha! Timely post, Heather. I've spent the day researching exotic dancers and their "gentlemen's clubs". (Hubby just offered to help out by taking me to one)

    (More Google fun, you can also type in "do a barrel roll" and "let it snow" to see what happens.)

  4. well, shoot -- looks like they've disabled Let It Snow now the holidays are over :(

  5. Awww. That's a bummer. Have to remember to try that next holiday season. Barrel roll made me sick though. Heh heh.

  6. LOL I am as bad as you are Heather. And good wine. Quite familiar with wines.

  7. I shall have to ask you my next wine question then Bonnie! Might be faster than exploring world history LOL

  8. Great blog... And I am also a little urpy thanks to barrel roll ;)