Sunday, February 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today's six sentence Sunday comes to you from Marshal of Hel Dorado, now $0.99 for the ecopy everywhere.  Book 1 in the Fevered Hearts series, Book 2: Brave Are the Lonely releases March 6.

"Take this out to the boys so they can load up. It's hard to carry more than one thing at a time through.  We need to make sure we have it all."
Her words spurred Sam into action.  They were taking the gold. He wasn't sure how they'd gotten in the bank or how they were getting out of it, but he was of a mind to keep them from taking any more.


  1. Oh, I like a lot, would love to keep reading!

    1. Thanks Ann. I have a deep fondness for this book and the second one will be out in about three weeks.

  2. Bought it--started reading. So far, so good. :)