Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writing - For Love and Money

I make my living by writing.  By day I copy write for businesses while early in the wee hours of the morning I spin my tales of new couples and new worlds. Every part of my day is related to writing in some fashion from writing emails, to reading emails and helping the mini me with her projects, whether it's writing or reading to writing new copy for my day job and hitting my goal of a chapter a day (3 to 5K).

Whether I'm earning an hourly salary, hugs and kisses from my kiddo or selling a book, I write for love and money, not just money.  When I was sixteen years old, my language arts instructor required that we write in a journal every day.  He would write a quote on the wall and we had to use that quote as our inspiration.  That habit stayed with me for nearly twenty-five years now.

I don't use quotes to get me going now (I leave that to my coffee), but I still take my inspiration from similar lines whether it's a line of dialogue in a television show, a song lyric or an overheard conversation.   Over the last five weeks, I've been completely immersed in my thesis or for the MBA, my business plan.

As a topic, I chose the advantages available to the modern author, me and my strategy for me to be successful.  Everything I've learned in this degree program points to several tools available to authors to focus on themselves as a 'business' from analyzing strengths and weaknesses in my writing process to my business choices in what publishers to submit to or to run the self-publishing route to the benefits of e-publishing versus print versus self and everything in between.

Yes, that sound you hear is my brain melting.  But thinking about all of these facets are just as important to today's author as honing our craft is.  Writing is a passion and it's a business and somewhere in between are the authors.

I'm counting down the days to finishing my MBA and the release of my erotic paranormal Cassandra's Dilemma.  It's different, fun, sexy and populated with two stubborn heroes - my favorite kinds!   And yes, I wrote it for love and I hope it earns money!


  1. I'm truly amazed. Good luck in all your endeavors.

  2. Thanks Jen! It's a crazy time for me, but I admit as insane as I feel about tackling all of this at once, I love it, too. I am thriving on the challenge (but I think I need a timeout for a nap or three)

  3. If we don't write for love there's no love in what we write. Besides it's not exactly good money for most of us.

    Tahlia Newland, urban fantasy author of ‘A Matter of Perception’ – quirky, surprising & thought provoking tales