Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: All My Children

After four long weeks, The Vampire Diaries returns tonight. It's only for three weeks and then we get another hiatus (I hate this time of year) because we are counting down to the season finale which will air on May 10.  But for now, let's turn our clocks back four weeks, to the episode following Dangerous Liaisons and the soul crushing hurt dished out to Delena fans when Elena reacted badly to Damon's overprotectiveness and he got even with surgical precision by bedding Rebekah.

Elijah Wants Answers

Elijah knew something was up with Elena at the party, he's suspicious of his mother's burning of sage for her silence spells and how much time she is spending with Finn. He goes with these instincts and invites Elena out to 'talk.'  Elena who was already feeling guilty about giving her blood to his mother confesses all of it (I loved that Elijah pointed out her heart rate gave her away, it's nice when the vamps get to be vamps).  So Elijah drop kicks a hole in the ground and carries Elena down into the tunnels.

He lets the boys know he has Elena and they will find a way to stop his mother or Rebekah will kill her.  This could go either way, after all Stefan's been blowing Elena off and Damon's still ticked (although he didn't seem to mind Elena's jealousy when she discovered Damon and Rebekah together).

Buying Time

The Salvatores send Caroline in to distract Klaus.  It was beautifully done, particularly when Kol made a remark about how juicy she was and Klaus indicated he'd rip his liver out if he kept it up.  Klaus really likes Caroline, right, wrong or indifferent, he definitely seems to have a thing for it.  With Klaus pursuing Caroline outside, Alaric and Meredith set a trap for Kol.

They dagger him and drop four of the five siblings into their 'dagger' state thanks to Mommy Original's binding spell.  But it doesn't work on Klaus and he frees his brother.  He tosses Rick into a wall and is all set to rip Damon's heart out when Elijah stops him.  They still need the Salvatores.

Elena and Rebekah

You know, I get that Rebekah was ticked that Elena stabbed her in the back, but her over the top emotions were just a little too over the top for me. I did like that Elena says that's why Rebekah slept with Damon to get even with her (and yes, it was working because that's pretty much all Elena spoke about the whole episode).  She complained non-stop to Bonnie and Caroline.  Fortunately (or maybe not so fortunately) when Rebekah went down, Elena scooted and ran.  First smart thing she's done in a while.

Unfortunately, Rebekah wasn't deterred by the vamp-be-gone on the cave painting cavern Elena slipped into.  She doused her liberally with gasoline and all the walls and dropped in a match.  Yep, but it wasn't just Elena she wanted a good look at, she saw something on the walls that caught her attention.

A Moment of Truth

The full moon is approaching its zenith and the Mikaelson boys head off to confront their mother while Damon and Stefan stare at the dead witches manor.  They have a choice.  They can go in and 'break' the line (since Momma Original is channeling all of the Bennett witches living and dead) or they can let it happen, destroying Klaus and his family once and for all.

Elena would become collateral damage.

The brothers know exactly what Elena would choose.  But neither wants a world without Elena in it.  So they flip a coin, because she doesn't have to hate them both for what they have to do. I knew Damon would take the hit whether he won the coin toss or not.  He knows how to do the hard things, even the most impossible ones, and do it.

Stefan distracted Bonnie while Damon crept up on Abby, fed her his blood and snapped her neck.  Turning Abby into a vampire effectively broke Esther's line channeling and Finn escaped with his mother.


Rebekah let Elena go, but she immediately went to Klaus with the news that there was another White Ash tree, one worshipped three hundred years after the one they burned down.  That meant there was another way to kill all of them.  Kol fled from Mystic Falls and Elijah told Rebekah he was going too.  Because their parents may have made them vampires, but they made themselves into monsters.

Elena went to see Bonnie, but Caroline body blocked her because Bonnie was in pain and Abby was in transition.  - by the way, this point really bugged the hell out of me, Caroline said Bonnie was blaming Elena for what happened to her mother, because every time they had to save Elena, it was Bonnie who lost out.  I beg to differ... yes, Bonnie lost Grams, but Grams took on the burden of that spell to save BONNIE, not Elena and who else has Bonnie lost?

Elena has tried to keep Bonnie out of it, time and time and time again, Bonnie kept putting herself there as a friend. So I had a real issue with this scene.  When Caroline closed the door, I had to wonder, that's great everyone saved Elena and now they all resent her.  Elena who never asked any of them to save her.

Elena who offered herself up time and again, who wanted to sacrifice herself to protect all of her friends and loved ones.  The same loved ones who are resenting that she keeps getting taken.  It's a choice people, but I digress.

Brothers Always

Stefan shows back up at the house and lets Damon know that Elena was indeed free (guess he's back in stalker mode) and they were both relieved.  When Stefan asked why Damon did it, why did he turn Abby when Stefan lost the coin toss - Damon pointed out that he can handle guilt a great deal better than Stefan and he knows Stefan is back on animal blood and trying to free himself of the Ripper. It seems torturing Elena on Wickery Bridge was the last straw for the Ripper and began the resurfacing of the more human Stefan.

(By the way, Wickery Bridge is going to be huge important in all of this.  Mini Me bets it's made of the tree while I think the tree may very well be located UNDER it -- but that's for later).

At home, Elena finds a letter from Elijah and after reading it, I have to hope he definitely isn't gone gone.  We need more Elijah:

“Elena, today I did things I abhor to protect the one thing I value most. My family. If anyone can understand that, it’s you. Your compassion is a gift, Elena. Carry it with you. As I will carry my regret. Always and forever. Elijah.”

Mystic Falls Murderer

Finally, Rick wakes at Meredith's and limps to the kitchen for a drink. He finds the files on the murders, including his knife.  But Meredith walks in and says he wasn't supposed to find that and then she shoots him.   

So is Rick dead?

Is Meredith really the killer?

Is there a shapeshifter? A vampire? A demon?  Me, my money is still on there being something about Rick and all those deaths of his that have left him behind the murders and that Meredith is covering up for him for some reason...only time will tell.

Are you ready for Vampire Diaries to be back? We're flashing back to 1912!

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