Monday, April 30, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Do Not Go Gentle

As you can imagine, counting down these final episodes hasn't been easy and I expected a bit of a let down after that phenomenal Heart of Darkness kiss between Damon and Elena, but what I didn't expect was to find the third to the last episode, the game changer, so very 'meh'.

Decades Dance 

You know a decades dance is coming that means blood, danger and something terrible while all our favorites are dressed for fun. It also typically means we get 'time' at the dance, but the arrival of the 1920s dance finds Elena awkwardly asking Stefan to be her escort.  I get what Caroline was saying, by encouraging Elena to ask Stefan, but if she really is supposed to be giving the guys equal time then Damon needs a set of dates pronto - not just clandestine make out sessions and adrenaline-fueled danger.

Whether the scene was supposed to be played for nerves or Elena was just plain uncomfortable, Stefan's delight was not mirrored in Elena's eyes. I get the sense that Elena thinks if she's going to love a vampire it should be Stefan and she's trying to forget the Ripper and all the terrible things he did (not to mention all the lies he told).  Because Damon doesn't live on a delusional wagon and he doesn't pretend to be nice.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Release Day! Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here

A 1Night Stand Story

Always a Marine - Book Two

She's one of the few…

Jazz has been one of the guys for over a decade, serving her country with distinction, but she longs to explore her femininity, to be desired as a woman, to flirt, cavort and fulfill every sexual desire. When her mother of all people, signs her up for a 1Night Stand, she's not sure whether to be exhilarated or pissed. Flying to Las Vegas on the promise of a total escape, Jazz plans to be Jasmine for just one night, because tomorrow, she plans to re-up for another five years.

They're two of the proud…
Logan Cavanaugh grew up across the street from his best friend and brother-in-arms, Zach Evans. Inseparable, the two have shared everything, including women, until the year before when an IED attack during combat injured both of them. Zach suffered a concussion, but Logan's injuries were far more extensive. After a year of physical therapy, he can walk, but he'll never run or love a woman again, or so he fears. He’s ready to accept his impotence, but Zach has other ideas. He hopes a 1Night Stand date with the perfect woman will heal Logan's confidence and masculinity.

They're all Marines…

They’ll share each other, but will one night be enough?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time Is Running Out! Witchcraft Archetypes Begins Monday

I have to confess that I have been excited about this class since I first discussed it with Deborah Blake in January. My love affair with witches dates back to some of the first books I read as a child, remember Wendy the Witch from Casper the Friendly Ghost?

My affection for witches continued to deepen as I grew older and discovered Wicca.  Wicca resonated with me and my love affair with witchcraft took a different route, not only were they among my favorite supernaturals, I started paying attention to the types of witches portrayed, what archetypes they referenced and how they informed the story (or not as the case may be) or deepened the characters (or not). 

Some of my favorite witches appeared in Anne Rice's books and Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's epic fantasy and Patricia C. Wrede and more.  That list has continued to grow for more than two decades. I add new witches, authors and programs to it every year along with their pros and cons and where they belong. 

This class kicks off on Monday via Yahoo Loop. I'm also offering students a ten page critique of their work in progress and more. Registration closes Sunday at 6 p.m. Eastern so register today. I'll be closing the class at 30.

Register here.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Heart of Darkness

Last night was the night, our heroes returned after three weeks of hiatus and they weren't pulling their punches...much.  Without a lot of hoopla, let's make our Y incision into Heart of Darkness

Alaric & Mr. Hyde

After running a little wild, our resident history professor has willingly let the Salvatores incarcerate him in their cell below the boarding house.  Elena drops by to deliver supplies and books (including Damon's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" which amuses Alaric because at least Damon still has his sense of humor) and the two talk.  The sober discussion includes Elena's confession that her upcoming trip to Denver with Damon is a tri-fold mission: retrieve Jeremy, find out who turned Rose and confront her feelings for Damon.

Side note: I think the only two people who aren't sure about how Elena feels are Elena and Damon.

In the meanwhile, Alaric knows he has to get his dark side out so Stefan can learn the location of the missing White Oak stake (the cave that no vampire can enter was a no brainer by the way).  He and Stefan bond and talk a little about why Elena needed to go with Damon on the trip and not Stefan.

No matter what I go through to get her back. Fighting my bloodlust, trying to gain control of my life again, none of that matters if she has feelings for someone else.
Sorry Stefan, boo hoo. You know, it says something that Damon can accept that she loves Stefan, but Stefan can't cope if she loves Damon.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: The Murder of One

Sorry to take us right down to the wire, typing this up just seven hours before we get our Vampire Diaries back from its latest three week hiatus.  The Murder Of One had some seriously great moments, hilarious one liners and moments where I just wanted to bang my head against the table.

I really can’t put my finger on the uneven writing in the last three to six episodes.  Where Vampire Diaries usually charges us up, amping up the tension of every episode over the last, lately it feels like we’ve been treading water.

  • Klaus threatens to kill everyone they've ever loved if he doesn’t get his way. Check.
  • Damon and Stefan work to ‘kill’ the Originals.  Check.
  • Klaus threatens to dagger a sibling or two. Check.
  • Elena is torn.  Check.
  • Jeremy is a pawn. Check.
  • Bonnie pulls off a deus ex machina. Check.

But I digress…

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Break on Through

Unfortunately it’s been three long weeks since our last new episode of The Vampire Diaries and five weeks since I managed to get a post mortem up.  My apologies, in real life, when it rains, it pours.  Fortunately tomorrow night marks the return of our favorite paranormal drama and it’s going to be a mad dash through the final four of the season. Insert wail of denial here.  I hate summer hiatus, it’s long, long, long and I miss my show.

But, I digress…

So let’s break it down for Break on Through

As a fan of the show, I know there are some things that the show does wildly well and some things that it just…drops. Now, did the episode ‘drop the ball’ or did they just ‘drop a lot of scenes’?  Let’s talk

At the end of the last episode, the Salvatores come to the realization that it’s the Gilbert ring that creates the Hyde like monster of its wearer and instead of opening this episode with the boys swooping in, we begin it at the hospital, with Rick getting an MRI.  Yes, the mirror, mirror scene was creepy, but it was extremely anti-climactic after the last episode the build up of this ‘serial killer’ and I felt cheated.

I feel like there were scenes that we didn’t get to see (sort of like Elijah’s ‘let’s catch up’ chat with Elena a few episodes back.)  Did the MRI show anything? Probably not, but I don’t even recall it coming back up.  Damon did show up at the hospital to escort Rick home.  This queued up a tense little match between Damon and Elena.

I loved that Damon is talking about Alaric and Elena changes the subject to Stefan.  I also liked that Damon called her on the narrow-minded view:

“Stefan has built himself a delusional wagon that he has repeatedly fallen off of…”

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Release: The Love Thieves

In the mood for a sexy, adventurous romantic suspense. Set in Morocco, London and Switzerland, The Love Thieves takes Anya and Max on a powerful journey full of passion and chemistry that sparks on the page from their first dance to their last.

Maxwell Sauvage was born into a life of privilege…and boredom. As a “security consultant” to the powerful, he enjoys pitting his wits against the most intricate of security systems for business and pleasure.

Anya Swift is a woman with high-class tastes and a high-octane need for adventure. As an operative for International Art and Antiquities Recovery she stays just on the ‘right’ side of the law, while satisfying her desire for the finer things and her thirst for adventure.

When a high tech camera catches Anya taking The Fortunate Buddha from the French Ambassador’s vault, Max is eager to help the provocative thief for his own reasons, not the least of which being that he set the camera. But after one stunning night of passion, Anya disappears. Now Max must find Anya before the Ambassador’s men and claim the thief for his own, but they are running against a clock, danger and deception.

Read the first chapter!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday Winner

Just a quick post. The winner from the Birthday post is....


Katie I need you to email me at with your choice of book along with preferred format.

Hope everyone has a great day and thank you for the Birthday wishes for Heather.

Until next time..... B

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Release Day! Once Her Man, Always Her Man Available

I can't tell you how excited I am about the release of the first of my Always a Marine series from Decadent Publishing. Originally conceived as a tale of first loves found again and the extraordinary service of ordinary men and women in the Marines, the series grew very close to my heart.  First up are Luke Dexter and his first love, Rebecca Ranier, the girl he left behind.  The heroine is named for two of my favorite authors (and people) Rebecca Royce and Heather Rainier. 

Can a 1 Night Stand really repair a decade long estrangement? Every reunion must begin somewhere and for Luke and Rebecca, tonight's the night.

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All Romance eBooks

Fulfilling a favor and executing a business plan, Luke Dexter arrived at Dallas’ Sybarite Club for a one-night stand. He never imagined that in the darkened club with bluesy strains of jazz playing he’d come face to face with the woman he left behind a decade earlier.

Rebecca Rainier fell in love with Luke Dexter in high school and was crushed when he dumped her to join the Marines after 9/11. Now, waiting for a date her best friend and business partner set up, she’s unprepared when Luke walks in.

Can Luke and Rebecca bridge the pain of a decade long abandonment in one cold Texas night? 

I'm also over at the Decadent 1Night Stand blog today chatting about first loves - I'd love to see you there.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nothing Says Love Like Puppies

It's been a crazy year so far and Sunday it got a little crazier as we added two new family members. Rescued by the Humane Society from a backyard puppy mill, I present to you Ava: a husky, American bulldog cross and Snow: an Aussie cross (I think with border collie from the look of her).

My daughter named her Snow White (Snow for short) because Snow White's hair was black as ebony.

Snow was trying to be sneaky
Ava knows she's there
Puppy kisses, chewing, yips and chasing abound.

The best part of it all though is just how exhausted Mini Me is...she slumped down next to me with a groan yesterday and said, "I don't know how I can keep up with them."

"It's only been 2 days, wait until you have to do it for 2 years."  Her eyes grew large as saucers at my advice and her voice even squawked.

"It takes them two years to get out of this stage?"

I just grinned. "Nope, it took you two years. They're only gonna take a couple three months."

Yes, I freely admit, I am enjoying watching her go crazy and loving the fact that she appreciates just a little bit more how hard it is to keep up after littles.

Fortunately, the puppies weren't even phased by the mad storms yesterday, but being stuck in a closet with them was sweet because they curled up and went to sleep.

Monday, April 2, 2012

It's My Party! I'll Give Away Books If I Want Too!

It's my 40th birthday today and in lieu of getting something like this:

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A girl can dream, yeah?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Retreat Hell, She Just Got Here

What do you get when all three are Marines? A hot, feisty time!

Releasing Soon

The white shirt’s four top buttons were open revealing a well-muscled chest decorated by sprigs of white blond hair. His sun kissed face broadened into a hesitant smile, but despite his open mouth, no words came out.

“Mr. Evans?” She had little to go on beyond a brief physical description of each man and their names. The blond was Evans. The darker-haired man would be Cavanaugh. But she hadn’t caught sight of him yet.