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Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Break on Through

Unfortunately it’s been three long weeks since our last new episode of The Vampire Diaries and five weeks since I managed to get a post mortem up.  My apologies, in real life, when it rains, it pours.  Fortunately tomorrow night marks the return of our favorite paranormal drama and it’s going to be a mad dash through the final four of the season. Insert wail of denial here.  I hate summer hiatus, it’s long, long, long and I miss my show.

But, I digress…

So let’s break it down for Break on Through

As a fan of the show, I know there are some things that the show does wildly well and some things that it just…drops. Now, did the episode ‘drop the ball’ or did they just ‘drop a lot of scenes’?  Let’s talk

At the end of the last episode, the Salvatores come to the realization that it’s the Gilbert ring that creates the Hyde like monster of its wearer and instead of opening this episode with the boys swooping in, we begin it at the hospital, with Rick getting an MRI.  Yes, the mirror, mirror scene was creepy, but it was extremely anti-climactic after the last episode the build up of this ‘serial killer’ and I felt cheated.

I feel like there were scenes that we didn’t get to see (sort of like Elijah’s ‘let’s catch up’ chat with Elena a few episodes back.)  Did the MRI show anything? Probably not, but I don’t even recall it coming back up.  Damon did show up at the hospital to escort Rick home.  This queued up a tense little match between Damon and Elena.

I loved that Damon is talking about Alaric and Elena changes the subject to Stefan.  I also liked that Damon called her on the narrow-minded view:

“Stefan has built himself a delusional wagon that he has repeatedly fallen off of…”

Burning Bridges

Next up is the Wickery Bridge dedication or cutting ceremony because they are going to get to work on the restoration.  The Mayor is miffed that Alaric didn’t bring the bridge sign he and his students are supposed to be rehabbing, but Damon is distracted by a familiar face in the crowd.

Hey Sage (guest star Cassidy Freeman), fancy meeting you here.  The reunion is friendly, but guarded.  Does Damon really trust anyone except for Elena? (I’d say right now that’s iffy that he trusts her). 
I’m not going to go into how very pat it was that Sage showed up out of the blue because Finn was finally out of his coffin.  Not entirely sure how she found out because Finn didn’t call her and the rest of the family thought she was too trashy for him 900 years ago.  Maybe she has spies everywhere, too.

What’s Rebekah Up To?

After Elijah dropped Elena into the hole in the ground and left Rebekah to terrorize her, Rebekah discovered that another white oak tree had grown after they burned down the first one.  She’s on a fishing expedition through town to learn about the ancient trees, etc.  Damon noticed her chat with the mayor in the last episode and her regular appearances everywhere just have his nose itching.

Sage volunteers to help him, after all, she’s nearly as old as Rebekah, if they can distract her, she can dig around in her brain.  So Damon pours on the charm, inviting Rebekah back to the boarding house where he and Sage party and despite Rebekah’s nose being pushed in about Damon’s rudeness and Sage’s presence, she still falls for it.

After coitus, Sage strolls in and fishes through Rebekah’s mind for the info, then she shows it to Damon in the quick shower.  Sage warns Damon that she doesn’t want Finn hurt, she’s waited 900 years to get the love of her life back.  Damon lies that they’ll leave him alone, knowing full well that all the Originals are bonded together.

Unfortunately, Sage pulls that right out of his mind, so even though Damon locates the tree and that it was cut down to rebuild the Wickery Bridge, Sage clues Rebekah in and Damon finds them burning all the wood.  Game over….or is it?

At the end of the episode Damon shows Stefan the sign that Alaric had been restoring.  They have weapons now and they can kill some Originals.

Queue dramatic music.

Outside of Damon’s one liners and Ian’s delivery, most of this throughline was just meh for me.  Unfortunately, Rebekah looked pathetic and Sage went from being interesting to another fool in love. I wanted her to be Damon’s Lexi and a true ally.

Oh well.

Bonnie, Abby and Forgiveness, Oh My

So Elena calls Bonnie, who is still not speaking to her about help for Alaric. Emily made the original rings.  Bonnie heads back into town to do what she can, though she is reluctant and pained by being there.  She whips up a potion and some herbs and tells Elena that it’s a lot like someone becoming addicted to dark magic, she can bind it away, but it will take time and they need an object to replace the Gilbert ring, something that means something to Alaric.

Elena and Bonnie hug and Elena apologizes --- AGAIN---and says she hopes Bonnie can forgive.

Hold the phone, this scene irritated the hell out of me. Elena didn’t do anything. It was Stefan and Damon who made a choice that time.  It was Bonnie who made choices. Hell, it was even Abby who made choices.  Elena was trapped underground with no damn say.  After that horse manure about Bonnie always losing this just grated on my nerves, but the friends are friends again. Yay.

Meanwhile, Caroline continues to babysit Abby who decides after attacking Jamie that she can’t stay and runs away…again.  Caroline tries to talk her out of it, but Abby is a coward and abandons Bonnie again.

Personally, I’m thinking good riddance.  But I loved that Caroline called her on her crap.  I do so love Vampire Barbie!

Professor Saltzman and Mr. Hyde?

Meanwhile, back at the Gilbert house, Rick snaps and goes after Meredith.  Elena returns from Rick’s apartment where Stefan found her and they discovered his hidden drawer with it’s anti-council manifesto and list of names to kill.  At the house, Stefan sails right past the bloody knife to check the broken dishes in the kitchen.  Alaric tromps down the stairs and gives Elena a start.

There’s a strained moment of conversation when Elena notices the bloody knife and Alaric lunges only to be put down in a choke hold by Stefan, who tries not to hurt him.  All of a sudden, Stefan notices the smell of blood. They go upstairs and find Meredith, gutted on the bathroom floor.

Elena is never going to get that smell out of her house.  Stefan manages to keep it together and they give Meredith some of Stefan’s blood to heal and then Stefan bolts, because he can’t take the blood anymore.

Elena, Alone

At the end of the episode, Elena is all alone in her house having cleaned it up again and she calls Jeremy because she misses him.  Alaric is locked up at his own apartment (hopefully with a spell that won’t let him leave).  It’s sad, but Elena’s tears as she listens to Jeremy remind us that Elena’s family continues to drop like flies and if Jeremy’s ring goes psycho, too.  Then they may be toast.


This episode was a bridge episode for the most part (pardon the pun), but despite the filler feeling,  it also seemed to have holes - holes where scenes should have been. I know they ran out of space because so much was going on this season. But after the intro in the last episode, Sage showing up wanting Finn just seemed so out of the blue.

Of course, now I think I know why Finn was in a box for 900 years. He turned Sage, a woman his ‘family’ didn’t approve of…but then, that’s another question that’s never been answered along with:

  • How did John and Isobel get a dagger?
  • How did Bill Forbes learn the methods to avoid compulsion?
  • What happened to Tatyia?
  • What did Michael do when he came to Mystic Falls all those years ago and how did he know Elena was a doppelganger at 3?

But yes, I’m being picky.

Next up: The Murder of One.

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  1. I had the same feeling about scenes missing. I'd like the answers to the questions you ask, too, especially about Tatia. Lately I have a feeling a lot of things are just being thrown in and forgotten later. I hope they tie the loose ends eventually.

    It was a shame Sage's (and Finn's later) character was wasted as a plot device. They both had much more potential. Describing Sage as Damon's Lexi was completely misleading. I think it made us expect too much from her.

    I'm with you on Elena, Bonnie and Abby. Loved Caroline giving Abby a piece of her mind.

    Great post, as usually! Sorry for the long comment.